What's up ladies and gentlemen today and I'm just going to make a quick review on the Sennheiser game 0 to do this click on this really cool traveling box in here you will have the headphones this little protection and more wires here these are the headphones you're really awesome their type they go over the air for this I mean if you're listening to some music or anything listen to it all day no headache but nothing you're really comfortable and really good a little pricey the microphone is removable but I mean you can work for that.

They come with two wires one that's just no no no but you just want to listen to music yum which is playing the computer but it has microphone jack and the obviously.

As I just said this cable is this cable is removable.

It's really good they're about two hundred and fifty euros which is a lot if you're on the budget but they're really worth it just gonna make a little sound pissed just.

You guys can can hear what they sound like I've had no complaints with this microphone actually it's Rick other than that really cool they turn like they turn sideways they fault really nicely normally when you buy them become like this holders in the box nice and fold. Okay, perfectly Eddie awfully polite extra wire goes into here Mary boys preparing the lawyers with you all time line like this their max volume which is by using a nice gonna just too much they have a little volume knob here to really pull and microphone mute by itself and there's this little quick like this the market for mutes automatically when it clicks back it's good to go against it noting needing for minimizing your game and muting the microphone no it's all good to go it's good to go hey I love these headphones mm I wouldn't trade them love them thanks for watching you can like the video you can dislike it whatever you whatever you want can just comment below what you wanted me to or plain eggs or something like that see ya bye.

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