Sennheiser GAME ZERO Review & Mic Test! - Mohammed Bari

Hey guys! what's up my name is Mohammed and I'll be here to review the game 0 x made by Sennheiser's I'm really excited for his headphones let's get right into it.

First off I don't let you know that. This is being recorded straight out of the mic right now.

Let's get this let's get this started right away I know that the mic sounds good because I did test it earlier.

Let's get right into it this video is going to be recorded straight out of the mic.

First of all I want to start to talk about how the design of the headphones is we have white black and red all put together made the whole headphone really appealing very attractive to the eye and sheesh I must say the ear cuffs on this really really comfortable I has a memory foam running right on it and it just goes on your ear like a glove haha it's foldable turn the bolt easy to store away as a great little package that it comes in and it just makes it easier to travel with and easy to take with you anywhere if you like to play games in a laptop or whatever and it's also good has a two-year warranty.

You know you don't have to worry about nothin break-in because the headphone is put together really well and as you can see right here I'm twisting and turning the headphones and you know there's no cracking or creaking noises bilat phones which is really something to pay attention to it shows how terrible the headphones can really be and you know even grabbing it the weight of the headphones feels a little heavy not too heavy but just about it right and they're not too big either well actually they're pretty basic i would say 5050 medium range size but you know you can look at it right there right on my hand pretty good sized headphone because it fits head you can adjust it as well the mic also turns on and off when you flick it up or flick it down.

When you flick it down obviously turn on.

When you click it up it'll turn off what's for the convenient when you're playing online with your friends or whether you know in a party chat you can stop and talk to somebody that's in front of you or someone comes in your room or you know whatever the situation may be and also if you want to stop you can also change the volume on the headphone but I just turning a knob and its really also really convenient you know if you want to stop again and talk to somebody another alternative or whatever use I don't know how I would use it but you know it's there.

It's nothing to be mad about and overall the whole headphones listening to music it's pretty good I will say that the music is pretty good the only thing that it lacks is just the base the highs the lows and miss all sound really good the clarity is great just the base is not too good but it is decent again it's a gaming headphone but I personally bought that amp that connects right into the headphones and listen to music and it sounds amazing I'll put a link in the bios you guys interested in that but now I want to talk about the cons after wearing the headphones for a little while it does get a little hot on your ear to actually dropped recently to 170 or used to be like 300 and you know that's actually not how to con but that's more of a pro price actually really good for the headphones and I strongly recommend headphones to somebody who is looking for gaming headphones because for gamers weather whatever game you're playing it gives you a great advantage and you know these headphones aren't for everybody but you know you got to find out what works for you I personally love them I found gave him music great for gaming and yeah what else do I need that's my quick review guys tree I hope it was helpful for you and please leave a like if this video helped you it means a lot to me and i'll see you guys next time peace.

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