Sennheiser Game Zero Unboxing

If you are considering upgrading your gaming headset you may be considering upgrading to the Sennheiser game 0 if you are considering that lucky you that's what this video is about if you're not considering that you can watch the video anyway, you might change your mind.

First thing to do is to take off the sleeve I was easy enough and then I'm underneath there's a black box and inside of the black box is another black box. Okay, we're several layers deep at this point yeah it's it's actually it's a black box either nothing else in here it is a black box.

Just Russell our way through the fact because. This is not just any black box it is a hard carrying case for the headset it also has a handle.

That way if you need to get out in public you can just kind of daintily go about. Okay, now for the dramatic part i'm doing the zipper. Okay, now first thing that we see when we open it headset headset that has been completely smashed flat.

We'll have to see if we can do anything about that first thing to do is to get this foam out of the way inside this pouch on the top we have a audio cable say a 4-pole audio cable.

It's combination microphone and audio I'll set this aside.

That way we can remove the headset itself still still flat well we'll work on me assembling yes here's the other end of the cable other end of the cable is a standard PC pink and green ah yeah here it is pink and green standard pc audio plugs and now be honest mashing. Okay, we'll go for the low-hanging fruit first and straighten this and that was all that we need to do he's straighten the left side and everything falls into place we will extend it to a reasonable distance for a person with the normal sized head that's me see can I put it on I can cool I've solved the problem it was a plastic bag with tape now we have exposed the microphone which is on a little adjustable springy arm as you can tell there is Oh a cool feature about. This is you tilt up the arm it automatically mutes the idea you tilt down the arm audio works again if you decide that you are interested in these fellows make sure that you don't end up with the game ones or make sure that you do end up with the game ones if that's what you are interested in they are the exact same as these but they have a open back design if your audio file enough to know the difference you already know which one you want and if you have no idea the difference these ones a 100-percent good enough another thing that you can do is you can remove this audio cable which I found by pulling on it until it comes out luckily that's also how it goes back in if you are interested in getting a pair of some Heiser game zeros for yourself online you can find them for somewhere in the 180 dollar range depending on where you shop you can save thirty or forty dollars or end up spending a hundred dollars more it's entirely up to you well thank you very much for watching our unboxing of the Sennheiser game 0 gaming headset I hope that you liked it if you feel like checking back at my channel we have gaming videos news unboxings all sorts of things along those lines if any of those things sound good to you feel free to subscribe but whether you do or not thank you for watching this unboxing of these headphones.

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