Sephora Haul Jan 2017 l Morgan Thomas

Hey guys! welcome back.

Today I am bringing you a Sephora haul now I know that I just did a drugstore haul but if you follow me on instagram you know that I just recently went to Sephora if you don't follow my Instagram you should I'll leave it linked down below but I figured for those haven't followed me on Instagram I would upload a video because those seem to be pretty popular people like to see what people got and if they should get it you know that kind of thing but. This is a pretty small Sephora haul you will understand why once I get into it but I want this video to get really long as all of my other videos have been pretty pretty long.

I wanted to keep this one pretty short.

Let's go ahead and hop in alright first I'll just kind of start with the point perk things like that first I did get now I don't have the boxes to everything but I did get my tart birthday gift they had this where they had the coup de lis or something like that I don't know it was a skincare thing but they had these and I've never actually bought one of the Tarte Amazonian clay blushes but this one is really pretty is in the shade party with three A's it's super super pretty and I think that. This is perfect for you know how they said it's their birthday gift this the same came it is a see it sir lip paint I'm actually wearing it today it looks matte but it's almost like it's almost like a lip cream because it is transfer proof like I think you can see it but it is super comfortable on the lips I did tell you what shades I was in right then the shade birthday suit in case I didn't say what shade it was.

Sephora Haul Jan 2017 l Morgan Thomas

I thought this was pretty cool for a little gift I'm wearing both of these today and I really really like them next I've got this rose deep hydration face cream. This is one of their deluxe samples I can open it I've never tried the face cream I have tried the eye cream and I've tried the rose face mask.

This would be pretty cool to try I love the scent of rose mmm.

Nice and.

Fresh smelling.

I'm pretty excited to try that out. All right, next is another moisturizer it is the Tarte h2o drink of h2o now desi Perkins she recently uploaded a video of her skincare routine and how she gets that really healthy glow and this was a moisturizer she has been using.

I didn't purchase the full one it was smells really good I didn't purchase the full because I had my eyes kind of set on something else but I figured I would give the sample a try next I got the Clinique pep start eye cream I am currently using a Clinique eye cream it is the all about eyes I think is what it's called but I use that and I really really like it it's super hydrating but I'm always on the hunt for different eye creams you know things that I might like better than what I am already using and.

Far I haven't come across anything that has not cooperated with my skin.

I figured I'd give that a try. All right, next is the sephora solid brush cleaner I am a huge huge lover of the Beauty Blender brand but I did not know that Sephora carried one.

I thought I would give it a try because I am almost out and it oh my god it's basically the same thing it comes with a little pink thing that you can scrub with or let your Beauty Blender dry on and then it's got the little soapy it's a solid cleanser but I love these I think they're super super convenient for cleaning your brushes and your beauty blender I think they get them super clean at least the beauty blender brand one does.

I will have to try this out I believe just a little like a hair this one has just a tiny bit more the Beauty Blender solid cleanser is 16 and this one is 14.

I like you know why not. This is the whole reason that I went to Sephora to begin with I ran out of my glam glow glow starter and it's first my first got that I was using it as kind of a primer moisturizer kind of thing like to look really luminous underneath my more matte foundations but then I started just using it every day and night and I really really loved how it made my skin look I love I just loved everything about that moisturizer but I ran out I literally scraped that jar clean because it's expensive but I went to Sephora to pick up another moisturizer now I was on the fence of either getting the glam glow again or saving some money and going with Clinique dramatically different but there has been.

Much buzz about the drunk elephant brand.

I talked to one of the girls that worked there and she really really talked me into it.

I picked up the drunk elephant la la retro whipped cream it has six rare African oils see what else it says a retro style moisturizer whipped into an airy blend of six exotic African oils to deliver intense hydration now I have been using that since I got it and the packaging is.

Cute like I've been using it since I got it because I guess I couldn't obviously because I ran out of my moisturizer but I was.

Excited to try it you get one point six nine fluid ounces and the packaging is just.

Cool like this pops off and I'm not gonna waste any product because this baby's expensive but you press down and the product comes out of the top you can also unscrew it.

You can get you know the rest of it but as you can see I mean it's super sick and whipped and it's just oh my god it's.

Nice I love it.

Much the first night that I used it like it just puts us really like just moisturizing veil over your skin and you wake up and your skin just looks.

Hydrated and.

Healthy I loved it I have nothing bad well of wandering it's very expensive but good skincare does you know tend to be expensive.

So that's the only downfall but other than that I absolutely love this.

I went to Sephora you know to pick that up and I loved it.

Much and I was telling my husband and he was like you know why don't you just order some of other one I was like girl.

Like don't have to tell me twice.

I went ahead and picked up the TLC brand boosts glycolic night serum this has been.

Well talked about like people raised like I said people rave about this brand.

It says that it is a high tech eh-eh-eh-eh gel that resurfaces dull congested skin by gently lifting away dead skin cells to reveal an even toned and radiant looking complexion fine lines wrinkles and other signs of aging appear greatly diminished along with texas oiliness and pores ooh I'm.

Excited now it says on here like suggested used to only use this in the evening apply to clean dry face neck chest and back of hands avoiding the eye area mix or layer with virgin marula for maximum effectiveness it does say that some slight tingling may be experienced which I kind of figured something like that would happen but you just twisted up. This is actually my first time opening this I think that that's super sanitary I love that that you can just put it up and you know pump it and then next. This is actually the last thing I picked up the Virgin marula luxury face oil I love face oils I use the was that pixi by petra rose oil and I love that because obviously men love rose but it leaves my skin really really hydrating but I've seen that drunk elephant was carrying some and again I've heard great things about it it says fast absorbing marula oil in its purest form is like rehab for your skin this also says looks for a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines wrinkles redness and blotchiness.

Yes I'm super excited about this as well cute little packaging I love their packaging they've got their little their little drunk elephant on there I wonder when they caught drunk elephant I'll have to look into that I'm super excited about this with CSL it actually doesn't doesn't smell like anything oh wow yeah it doesn't it doesn't have a strong smell of whatsoever.

I definitely plan on using all three of these things tonight.

Yes I'm super super excited to try out all these I will let you all know how all of this works for my skin I do plan to do a skincare routine I need to kind of figure out how I'm going to set up and things like that but it has been requested.

I do plan to do that but I would like to see how these work on my face before I make a video and you know show you guys that kind of stuff.

That will definitely be in the work.

Watch for that but that is everything I hope that you all liked you know this little small support haul as you can tell that is why it is a small Sephora haul because those skin care products are pretty pretty pricey but if any of you have used any of those products and you have tips tricks any just you want to just give me a review definitely let me know in the comments down below send me a personal message you know whatever I would love to hear how some of these things work for you but I did not have anything else to say other than I love you all thank you very much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye.

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