Sesame Street Love2Learn Elmo Learning Plush w/ App By: Hasbro on QVC

Twist we talked about twister tracks time for me to tell you about Elmo. Okay, i'm getting all tied up because elmo when i was doing my homework for this show yes you know the tickle me elmo from a few years ago oh he has just come light years as if the tickle me elmo wasn't good enough. This is the Sesame Street loved to learn Elmo he's a plush toy but he's by Hasbro he's joyous that's what we know Elmo for but now you can interact with him and Liz I mean the laugh is.

Contagious we love Elmo.

Much hundreds of responses yes and available now yes.

350 different responses this Elmo is packed with lots of great fun and learning your little ones will learn about letters numbers colors shapes all while having fun even animals incredibly interactive you'll notice how easy he is to get giggling which I love we can squeeze his nose almost silly sounds a bell a foghorn one of the other things I love to do with him and their little ones will too is if we take his hands and we actually pat on his belly he plays a song now i can even what I love by the way you hear him giving lots of positive reinforcement yes as the child plays by the way he's got a variety of instruments built in.

Sesame Street Love2Learn Elmo Learning Plush w/ App By: Hasbro on QVC


Cute every culture has different music may enjoy a child has different music.

We're going to be able to explore music while you see he's laughing that's. All right, what Elmo's always still encouraging and he's everybody's dear friend but you know what's this you can get and bring home and interact with your child because you were telling me to and I actually watched the last presentation with you and Jennifer coffee of course yeah if you're just joining us please this Elizabeth Warner she's a toy expert friend but you can actually customize to have your him say your child's name you can.

This does i'm going to almost you can get me I've been dying to get here in a tickle em.

When you get this at home it comes with all the content you need to play and have fun we are going to be able to add content to Elmo you do not need to utilize the app but the app is free when you do bring this at home you're going to be able to customize everything.

Elmo will become familiar with your child.

Perhaps your child Oh Mary you'll put that in then when you turn Elmo on Hill greet your child by the proper name you're going to be able to pick the subjects that you learn these are all subjects built into Elmo by the way but you can focus in that day on something different if you'd like you're going to be able to customize your child's favorite animals their favorite colors their favorite foods.

Elmo will build that also into what's very important all those lessons that your child learning if your child loves dogs he will incorporate dogs into the learning.

Mean now here's one of the things that you loved and as a mommy oh my goodness it might lead on this you can sit in another room use notice your child needs to go potty baby they're doing the potty dance sure Elmo can be your parent helper.

Now what happens is this brings up I brought a potty training we can push one of the many sayings mana may need to use the potty but oh did it Mary cause I wish there was backed by a judgment now Sophie. This is phenomenal now knee you'll notice it's everything healthy eating cleaning up there's.

Many wonderful parent helpers one of the ones that you and I both enjoy it if you have a baby a military parent Elmo can talk about that I love Elmo it isn't that it isn't that beautiful on getting them back and now what you need to know though is Elmo comes ready to play out of the box you will be teaching your child letters numbers shapes colors animals all while having fun singing songs you'll engage by clapping Elmo's hands let's play a little game. All right, now you'll clap you ready yes 25 you can just keep tapping that's.

Fun you guys ok listen I didn't even tell you about the sale price the sale price is fifty six dollars and ninety six. However, four easy payments of 14 24 cents and hello free shipping and handling oh that's great too that is. This is one of those children's love elmo sesame street is.

Beloved hasbro goes through all the amazing detailing when you hold this look you clap five time I went to the potty and I clapped five times and write that one down Elmo's.

Proud of you.

He'll sing constant songs rewarding you for your if you worked a cat do you want to clap again I mean sure you want to clap again Wow yeah.

Now Elmo's counting to five with you what I did is I customize this for a younger child because I thought Mary wanted to work on her counting and.

For the little ones Elmo will count to five you can customize it to have it with a little bit older children it will count up to 20.

You decide exactly what you'd like your little one to be working on but again coming right out of the box you're going to work on letters numbers shapes colors this little guy is going to help you teach your little ones about all the most important subjects out there but all through fun literally your child is going to be laughing and giggling and interacting with Elmo how can you not have a good time with Elmo giggling on your right in front of you I mean it's.

Fun again it's a toy that is recommended for 18 months to 4 years that's right start very little house how about I mean does it have to stop at four years what if you're 41 and you want to work on your counting and you will see that we we're enjoying this now I want you to know I had changed our lesson plan to get numbers.

Now he's actually singing specifically about the subject that I put on but when he when you get in movies going to cover all the different subjects but yes it doesn't matter the age. This is a soft loveable stuffy.

When you get this home I want you to know even though he is packed full of 350 responses sensors everywhere this little guy is soft and squishy and will be go it's cracking me up I'm sorry who even have marbles he literally will go up keep in mind. This is an expiring offer since he's. Okay, and the single grace go away at the end of the day four easy payments of fourteen dollars and 24 cents it's Elmo bring him home for the holidays e.

Sweet you know what we gave you a little look that the sweat.

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