Setting up and using the Mytee Lite II

So take now the box let's go over some of the features one of the first things you're going to notice because it comes with the handle handle has a lot of nice features he's got a basket or holding chemical rags spray bottles also has rings for cord wrap and it's also got these four holes let's see how these four holes match up to the machine to be commander.

Here's a for instance on the back of the unit and they they correspond with the four holes on the tube now your handle comes with the hardware it's a bolt split lock washer and a washer.

Let's go to put that on and for right now we're just going to make it finger tight now after you get a bolt on finger tight we're going to use a 716 wrench socket crescent wrench I've opted for the Handy ratchet.

Now we've got our handle mounted let's take a closer look at the tanks the mighty limit 870 comes three gallon vacuum tank and three gallon solution tank now let's look at how to access the solution tank first up we've got to take off the backup team to remove the vacuum tank simply undo the latch on the back lift up from the back and then lift off your tank and there's your background now you'll notice on the solution tank large opening and that's important because it makes it very simple to fill even using five-gallon bucket now there's a couple ways you can use your solution you can either premix your chemical put in your solution to take or you can pre spray the fibers on the carpet or the match of the upholstery and then just put fresh water in your solution tank.

Setting up and using the Mytee Lite II

After we put our solution in the tank let's go to put our vacuum tank back on look at the secret to putting your tank back on the secret putting your vacuum tank back on its to do the opposite what we've just done we'll start by putting the front end first we put the latch back in place clamp it down and snap it into place now another feature you'll find in a box or your hoses let's take a closer look.

Now it's worked with our 15 foot back and solution those first step is we're going to want to hook up the machine side first.

We're going to work with the male kitty and. This is a female beauty on machine.

The secret to fitting quick disconnects honor is the ring on the female we always want to be able to pull that back.

Let's pull the ring back slide the mail in and then snap it in place then want to take our vinyl cup put it onto our back container at the other feature that comes with the mighty life is a stainless steel three and a half inch with whole street school.

Let's put that on to our host now the same concept we pull the ring back on the female slide the mail and snap it into place the vacuum hose slides right on people now they've got our house is set up let's take a closer look at the wheels another feature that makes the mighty lite top in its class and one of the best upholstery and spotting machines around is the size of the wheels and six inch wheels two inch casters that means it might like an old very easily and the unique thing about the two inch casters is they're locking casters.

Once you get it set in place simply lock the cast in place and then you don't worry about the machine rolling nothing that pulse are looking to swiftness we're going to.

You've got three switches here and they're marked vacuum pump Keith let's take a closer look at which each one of those needs and the vacuum that's it sucks the debris and pulls a debris out of the fire the pump is what sprays a solution into the fiber now our here is a thousand walk Peter that means it can heat up the solution in just a matter of minutes.

Now we've seen the features that are on this unit let's put it to work alright.

We're outside now got our mighty late all set up and we've added a little bit of solution but just to demonstrate how big the opening on a solution tank really is we're going to go ahead and add a little more fluent to it you want to be careful not to overfill it may be stopped about an inch from the top. All right, now that we've got our solution in the solution tank we want to turn our switches on first we're going to turn our pump then we're going to turn on our heater we always want to do it in that order first the pump then the heater now let me show you an easy tip we're getting your heater nice and hot.

Now that you have the pump and the heater both turned on want to give the heater just a few minutes to heat up after that make your upholstery tool gain it back into the solution tank you can spray this will allow the water to flow through the solution hose getting that hold water out sending it back into the sea Asian tank and giving that heater time to push some hot water into the solution hose you'll know when it's hot it's have to feel after that just give it another minute or.

For the heater to catch back up with itself and then you're ready to go I now they've got our pump time we've got our heaters all warmed up let's put our vacuum tank back on and then we put our vacuum hose back on their back and some of the chemical you may use may suds up and that could damage the back motor.

You want to be careful best thing you can do is add a little de comer to your vacuum tank and that will kill the phone here's how you do it simply take off the lid on your back to take add a little deep bomer to your back to think that's all there is to it defoamer is very common you can get at any janitorial supply store or any chemical house alright we've got our pump prime our heaters are hot we've had a little depot minutes vacuum tank now let's go ahead and turn our vacuum motors on the switch the pump switch and the heater switch are already on and here's our vacuum now the back and Ron let's get to work all rights are ready to go and remember the mighty life is great for upholstery carpet mats for the purpose of this demonstration we've got a match.

Let's see how it works you can see with the vacuum and the pump and the heater on the units really doing a lot of the work all we have to do is squeeze the trigger and pull the upholstery tool back it'll spray hot solution into the mat and vacuum it back up then we'll make a dry stroke back up and then we'll offset and do another one another pass you can see the steam coming from the upholstery we've got our solution nice and hot it's reacting good with our chemical always remember to make a dry stroke pass that's a mighty lite 8070 it's easy to set up it's easy to use and you're going to be happy with the results.

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