Sew Easy: Folded Curves, No Cutting!

Welcome my name is Kelly Toki and this.

Easy I'm going to show you how to create folded curves in this quilt you sent me how you see behind me there are curves that are created without any curved piecing and.

We're see one here on the sewing center I've already created one within this block here and we're going to create one on the opposite side just as a sample what we're going to be doing is layering pieces we're going to talk about this background piece or the background piece here then I've taken a square of fabric the same size is its background and I folded it in half wrong sides together and pressed it to create a triangle now I'm going to place that on top of the background.

I have actually three layers of fabric here of background and two layers of this triangle now these are inserted depending on the design of the quilt top or the project you're working on they're inserted in different ways here this one is inserted with a square beside it you can come in and base that if you'd like or you can just sandwich it use a couple of pins and you're going to sew down through all those layers with your quarter inch seam and if you have that shifting that the pins will hold it in place I've got one already sewn here.

Sew Easy: Folded Curves, No Cutting!

I've sewn down through here and as I open it up you can see that on the one side I have layers here now I would repeat that just like making a four patch type of unit made another one here and join them together.

They end up the raw edges all get caught in seam allowances it does get a little bit thick but then what we're gonna do is we're gonna fold back because that's a diagonal fold which is the bias of the fabric and it has a stretch kind of component to it on that bias.

That I come in and stitch and I'll take it to the sewing machine now and show you how to stitch that in place. This is really similar to what we call a cathedral window process you may have seen in the past but it's a kind of way to create a real soft curve without having to actually piece curve take just a little bit of an anchor stitch as you begin and then you're going to stitch very closely to that folded bias edge all along I'm doing this in a contrasting thread.

That when I take it out you can see I would probably want to do this if it was my quilt type I would do a matching thread.

That you wouldn't see my stitches unless of course you want to add an accent I guess I can always have that option too but you can see here on the sewing center stitching real close to that folded edge all along and that creates curves that flow through your quilt top if you'd like to see more of our.

Easy techniques please visit our website thanks for joining me today you.

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