Sew Easy: Strip Set Construction for Patchwork Designs

Welcome my name is Colleen Toki and I'm the song specialist here at funds importer in this.

Easy tutorial I'm going to show you how to create and cut strip sets here in front of me we have a strip set that's already constructed.

You'll know where we're headed we want to have a finished patchwork piece like this that is nice and straight pressed well the width of the of the strip's is consistent throughout and that we can then cut that into sub units to use in our pet our quilt tops.

What we need to do is we're going to be coming in and we're going to start with some two and half inch wide strips and we are gonna need to join these together to create this.

Sew Easy: Strip Set Construction for Patchwork Designs

If you haven't done strip sets before. This is a great way to practice on your quarter inch seam and it needs to be fairly accurate and consistent.

What we need to do is to join rows together.

We're just going to start with the first two right sides together and you're going to come in and put in a quarter inch seam I've got one here that is complete let's take this one back.

You can see a consistent quarter inch seam all the way along I've used red thread.

You can see this if I were sewing this at home I would probably using a light gray or cream color thread that would be the most common color that quilters will use we use red.

That it's easier for you to see the contrast what we need to do then once we get the first two seam together is to open up that seam and press.

What we're going to be doing is opening up the two pieces of fabric and making sure that you get open all the way to the seam allowance or the seam in there we don't want to leave a false stitch would take this to the ironing board and we're going to press the seam allowances in one direction use the weight of the iron to push.

That it opens up all the way you can use steam if you're comfortable using steam or you can use a dry iron either one will work this.

We do it nice and neat and we've joined our first two pieces then we would repeat that process by adding the third strip it's easier to press to sew one seam press that one and then add the second if you try to join both seams right wait and then take it to the ironing board it's a lot more to deal with all these seams that need to be going in different directions.

One at a time is the easiest keeps your patchwork straight and aligned nicely then since we've probably if we would have stitched in one direction we're going to come back and Stitch the second one on and do the exact same process heat the seam up open it out.

That you create that nice flat end product.

We've got a strip set that we can then sub cut into units they may become parts of a nine patch they may become parts another block completely.

What we need to be able to do then is once we've created this nice even piece is just to cut it into units.

In this case let's pick a three and a half inch unit that we may want to cut well because the strips were may not have been exactly the same length we're going to over cut that first piece which means that we want to have at least the three and a half inch strip we need and we're going to line up then one of the horizontal seams underneath with a line on our ruler and make our first cut then we would turn this one around line up the three and a half inch line this time with that first cut we've made and one horizontally.

We knew we could nice and square and then we can proceed down the rest of the strip set to create the unit's that we need for our patchwork and that's how you create strip sets and cut them up for more of our.

Easy tutorials please visit our website thanks for joining me today.

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