Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Vacuum

Hi everybody thanks for watching. This is the shark cordless pet perfect - it is a cordless vacuum cleaner like a little Dirt Devil to use another brand that has 18 volts of cordless power we bought it today at a big-box store but they sell them pretty much everywhere and they're all around 50 or $60 and that's right in line with whole we paid for this one. This is again designed for pets really and that's what we're going to use it for you don't need to get the big vacuum wants to do the stairs or you can but it's a pain in the rear I'm gonna open this up today and we're gonna charge it and I'm gonna give it a little review on our stairs covered with our dog's hair we just recently got another dog and it's a bigger dog and it has more hair and it sheds a little bit more so. This is going to help keep the house nice and tidy let's look at this up close what they say on the side is has twister or that cyclonic technology to help deliver strong a continuous suction it's got a charging stand which I'm looking forward to bagless dust cap to throw all the hair out and the soft grip handles just to help you feel out and it's got a little tool in here with these rubber almost over these nylon tips here. This is the head of it but also has some other tools I'm trying to find where that is there it is it has cleaning tools like a little crevice tool on this weird curved anteater looking thing and then the normal motorized brush which is what you typically use with little nylon bristles.

It's pretty pretty packed with features let's.

Let's see how it works [Music]. Okay, I fast-forwarded that.

You can enjoy my favorite banjo song I hope you liked it and here's here's the unit itself you can see why they call it a shark kind of has it you know a nice low drag shark like form to it feeling this it does have a nice rubber handle with a couple grips in there to give you secure grip and it's balanced. Okay, a little nose heavy but you wanted to be known as heavy to keep it down on the ground I'm gonna go ahead and see how long it takes to charge this thing can be mounted it's got a couple regular screw slots in there for you to mount it on the wall which we think we might do and a standard non grounded plug.

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Vacuum

We can plug this in probably in a utility closet with our other cleaning supplies and that'll stay nice and charged back here it looks like there's another spot for ya on the stand itself you can put the accessories and this puppy will stay right through somehow yep you've got to fit these under there to snap into place there it goes.

I'm gonna go ahead and plug this in just down here in the basement I'm down here to keep out of the kids noise level range.

You can hear what I'm saying but I'm gonna go ahead and plug this animal in charge first thing I'm looking for when I do. This is some sort of indication there it goes that's actually charging and while I was saying that that green LED came up and I don't know if that means fully charged I read the manual real quick and we'll see let me put you on pause alright the on/off button is right below that green LED down there and it is covered with a hard plastic protecting and piece of tape that I guess keeps it from being switched on at inadvertently in packaging because just a second after plugging in I tried it and it seems to have really good suction.

I think it comes fully charged we are going to give it a few more minutes just to make sure and then I'll take it over and try it on the stairs here's the business end right now it's just an open hole - attachment to it pretty good.

We'll let's try one attachment. This is the motorized head it's got a couple prongs there that I'm sure will fit into that here we go very nice very very nice here we are the main stairs I'm going to use a regular attachment that has the power head on there and we're gonna see what we can get up. Okay, kind of a real quick superficial job I think I had my button away from most of it I'm not gonna try the crevice tool just yet but it flossed the carpet up I can see the kids spilled something ought to get a damp rag on that but if I pop open the top I'm pressing that button let's see how do I release this like that. All right, pretty disgusting that is a that is German Shepherd puppy hair.

A few seconds let's see if I can get that in the camera view I'm sorry folks German Shepherd puppy hair and dust and the dust is probably from all the masonry work around done outside we're building a couple retaining walls and every cut me today but really effective the only choke point I see for this whole thing is this little hard filter here it's not quite cloth it's not quite now and somewhere in between but I can see that being a choke point for effective airflow but you got to get something to stop the dust right.

I'm going to put this back in and right now I'm really digging this you just put it in like that. Okay, snaps into place I always like a rezoning snap and I can tell you this my kids are gonna hate it because they could not lug the vacuum up.

They got out of doing the stairs but now that we have the shark cordless 18 volt powered vac you know I can say go do the stairs girls and they have no excuse Thank You shark hey pretty cool Daewon no complaints nah I'll come back to the video if it's a piece of junk I'll put a note on there come a couple of months or now.

You get some real feedback but that's it that's the unboxing and the review for the shark cordless pet pal - I think it's called that's my video thanks for watching you.

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