Shars AXA Quick Change Tool Post (QCTP) First Impressions - South Bend Model A Lathe

Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to basement machinist today I received my order from chars Tool Company and I'd like to share it with you guys I do have to apologize and did already take everything out of the box mainly because the tool post comes caked with cosmoline and I wanted to get them out of the box and clean that up before I put them on video so I wouldn't have to deal with all that the first things that I got were these steel rolls because honestly I don't think you can ever have enough there were two dollars they're pretty cheap they feel pretty sturdy there's the rigid type to compare it with my starett if I line up the graduations all the graduations line up perfectly however the ends do not line up the cheapo sticks out a little bit further so that just tells me that they didn't that it wasn't cut to the proper length and also seams on this end it does not completely square either judging by you know my little machine is square here it looks to be about two or three thousands of square and it's only like that on one end one end is square and then the other one is not so that's interesting as far as these go you know if all you're going to be doing is you know taking rough edge hit rough measurements of things you know this look these these will be great or maybe if you but these up to your lathe chuck to measure stick out these will be great for that however if you're going to do any type of layout work with these I would highly suggest to saving your money and getting a starett the next thing that I got I got one cut off blade and to three-eighths tool blanks these look to be very well made I don't see any issues with them whatsoever these are both the cobalt is this is m35 and the cutoff blade is an M 42 like I said I don't see any issues with those next thing that I got is to go along with the tool posts is a seven piece indexable turning to a holder set with a 3/8 shanks in the in the package you get a certificate of conformance so and also an inspection certificate you know let's take that for what it's worth you also get a little baggie full of extra retaining screws in it you get a single point turning tool you get a couple different right-handed tools various insert types then you also get a straight and then one left-handed tool and then one grooving and parting tool the holders themselves they look pretty good I don't see any problems with them the they seem to be well made I don't see any excess machine marks on those so I think I will be happy with those as far as the inserts go they look pretty standard however I'm I don't know until I actually use them how well they're going to perform or the quality of them I may very well end up getting some better inserts and then holder I bought the ax a set it comes with the tool holder itself it comes with one standard tool holder and eat this will hold up to a half inch shank tool next will another turning and facing and then this one also has a groove down the bottom shelf here to clamp down on a boring work and then you get a facing and knurling tool I I'll probably put a tool in here to use for facing but this knurling I don't like the push type work so I will never use those you also get a cutoff blade holder and it also standard boring bar holder and again these all do look to be very well made the surfaces here that made up with the post one they all look to be ground and all of these pieces have quite a bit of heft this tool post is pretty heavy so I don't think that there's going to be any issues with these one thing along with any of these Chinese tool posts put the lock up it does lock up tight you know that's not going to go anywhere but the locking handle does have a little bit of a play and that's that's come to be expected with these cheap tools if all's it is is just a little bit of backlash in that screw that actuates the wedges along with this set I bought three extra standard tool holders and for me with the tools that I use this will make a complete set of all the different types of cutting tools that I use but all in all I'm pretty happy with it with my purchase except with the exception of these rules I'm freaky you know even for two dollars I'm kind of disappointed about it but anyway that'll do it for this video I thank you for watching basement machinist I'll see you next time
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