Shave of the Day (2/27/2017) Beginner Wet Shaving w/ Van Der Hagen Razor

Everyone my name is flooded this will be my first wedding video the first was starting at my.

Blooming my cup here of my brush soaking the badger hair from GBS the soap is from GBS as well it must be a lift would sense it smells. Okay, I'm not kind of floor really though look at the brushing machine shake off the extra water stop my lather I'm still new at this I'm not create a ladder room yet but practice makes perfect in my experience bespoke.

Far it's not really dense like asking in other videos it's a bigger bubble for your peanut bigger soapier bubbles.

It's kind of almost up race against the clock to get done before they just paid off your face and.

Shave of the Day (2/27/2017) Beginner Wet Shaving w/ Van Der Hagen Razor

Far. This is what we're looking at have to continue to tell I can see big bubbles there already but keep going they have water in there.

Just say see what's going on here. Okay, wait a bit but the bubbles are just bigger than you think that you want put that down water what my face and missing their get my razor to the van der hagen von der Hagen twenty bucks I just gotta just get into this at least there's a sure blades in there I got a sample pack from tribal com got about thirty nine blades.

I'll have quite Peter go through ok.

Right load this up just brushes getting there there's probably only the fourth time that I have done this.

It's it's definitely gotten softer when I first started out sleeping the CV slaughters not bad just well bubbly not a sex not like yogurt later like this it should be I was gonna write my nose too i can't help it I'm going to do first half with the grain.

When I think is the grain not quite into my your neck straight razors.

We'll see on ago see I can already see you like here's like dissipating it doesn't want to stick around too much it's really light and fluffy not very thick I'm just going to go to you can find my angle pretty well just in the short strokes here each side burns up trying it and shape them a little bit try to be a little more gentle for my neck feels like my senses are any little I'm going to get ingrown haters are going to be here well.

Far disaster blade is working. Okay, the only way they used before this would be van der Hagen vendor on your leg that came a bit ok ok take it that far this must finish. This is a pretty light frame there if you look at the past foot it's hard to let the range of your work because about that heavy fur sort of expecting at least I think relatively screaming on TV looking into getting a either a Merkur 34 c or d e 89 ever jacquard ed 89 think um leaning towards the DJ gamaya it looks a little nicer go ahead i'm sure the markers made well I just like the look of the ba 89 a little bit more I do a late cut around the chain is for on the vern words are you look cute bling on a flat spot ok.

Here I'll clean up open up. This is closed but the yeah I'm just gonna I'm going to keep at it that's what I've been doing just depending on how I feel with them how its gon think.

Far though Q is kind of working for me but now let's pick up from Nick shade they got to you he always does the across the grants will do that next I'm not how they're gonna feel in the green yet i'm not quite experienced enough we got their side because taking my chest for my chaps right I wanna let them up the address let's try to find that angle put one side link to flip them going straight down I'm trying to figure out how to hold this to it always like like a start holding near the top I don't know if you should go down north towards the bottom or just guess we're never really feels comfortable [Applause] yes we got that I think I'm pretty good.

Does have a business like this but I get to really can't compare that my first.

I actually have a range of rock XXX coming in the mail tomorrow.

I guess I'll really able to see the difference between this the hard put hard fuck soap and that Italian style.

You'll find out the difference can't read it quick clean up here why could it a look I don't of them good touch for like honestly think I'm a better visual inspector than my touch where I might see you I need touch you maybe just trying to change a bit you know not to worry about it in not that close book ok I guess to I don't know yeah. This is any I imagine. This is a mild Ranger.

I can't really get out at a personal experience oops really close compared to do more aggressive Rangers but it works for now he was 20 buck for either and I essentially just bought it because I didn't want to wait on line I think I got a little nick not letting work this styptic pencil but yeah hey no it works out pretty well.

What we'll just give here wash out this brush especially what are you.

Interested here is the brush would handle bad you're here i'm sure it's not a great one the night with my wife grab you. This is like TBS get for like 30 bucks.

You know right a lot and watched videos online with us saying if you want to get back to airbrush it will never like 60 bucks.

I'll work with it for now maybe the next one I'll get is a saw through the rock and Milligan interview and here's just going to close her up on the van der Hagen van der Hagen just a rebranded we see why she safety rate open up the Astra just put it in this actually came step your little stand that came a nice little wooden a little hold on back there but to bed. Okay.

I'm gonna clean up and I don't know if I'm supposed to go I've been putting on the PO che ball first then after shave because when i do want to leave the sin of the aftershave close shave and then also her that pushing you want first because your pores are open absorb it let dry pulling off shit closes up.

We'll see I got the Harry's just a while ago might move to different one at some point but for now using it I don't take it Toledo's me yeah.

Pushy Paul metallo I'll just do little dad here this will give you a little burn I don't have any alcohol mat or not you want to check out mine see what see what yeah the idea is there an ingredient Lance's.

And then.

I was qm.

Sorry completely covered up there and I close up with the area's logo then what questions online tea or some is like a towel off and dry a little bit and you can ply me aftershave smells pretty good dry now use the app in shades I actually local loyalty barber shop after shave the ten bucks four ounces distilled water with hazel grain alcohol vegetable glycerin jojoba oil vitamin E oil a clove essential oil bergamot essential oil for a needle essential oil lemon essential oil.

It's kind of a manually send spicy would be kinda stopping here you definitely gotta sting I'll forget I like it take the next one I want to get maybe matching XXX aftershave have to find out that such things as much anything don't really know what these things smell like until you get them there get some sample packs in the future but that's it for now I didn't want to say you know thank you for watching idol my first video is probably not that great but you know it is what it is enough thanks and I hope you have a good night.

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