Shit Reviews: Waterpik Waterflosser Aquarius Professional

Hey everybody! what's up it's Jacob machinist it's justice you got to promote your name right that's how it works today I'm going to be reviewing something I got for my birthday for my mom for my birthday it's I mean I wouldn't normally review it because it's not anything special let me show you this shit it's the water pick water flosser Aquarius professional.

The pros use clean your fucking teeth out like I said. This is something I would normally like even look at or review but I got for my birthday which is cool because once you're old like me you stop getting really cool shit and you start getting fucking things like this for your fucking teeth anyway.

What says here comes with some tips included three-year warranty 90 seconds of water capacity that's fucking one and a half minutes to fucking clean of teeth jeez and on and off water control dude that's got everything you need ten pressures LEDs and enhance pressure performance yo let's see what we got inside it smells like the dentist's office for sure and I like this hole in the bottom.

Even if you wanted to return it you have no you can't because it is straight up let's cut the fucking because the fucking tag out that shit sweet.

Shit Reviews: Waterpik Waterflosser Aquarius Professional

Here's what you get there you go yeah it's pretty nice you got all your tips you got your LEDs and you got the thing. This is the main doodad and it's a reservoir that you can remove that there's your ninety seconds right there Jesus Christ dude 90 seconds that's a lot of water for 90 seconds man I'm thinking about it.

Here's the pics there's things for the nozzle attachments like that I'm fucking no idea obviously toothbrush one that's pretty cool like three of these will exactly the fucking same like there's three of them that are literally just the exact same thing there's one that's like a melvin i plug it. Okay.

There's this thing this brush almost like a little teeny tiny brush on here it's got very small i'm not gonna show you guys exactly move my camera i want do all that shit there's ones like a little mini playas a little micro brush it looks like a felt-tip pen and there's one that is a toothbrush tip or you can evidently use it as a regular toothbrush that's pretty cool alright and there's this thing that's like if you don't have very many teeth i'm assuming maybe it's from this probably for braces or some stupid shit like that and there's this thing which is probably just like a high-pressure do not don't you fucking go under there dude my dog is trying to get in a tripod there's this. This is like a high pressure one it probably is like a laser beam and probably fucking cut your shit and it says here use pickpocket tip only on lowest pressure setting.

It'll probably fuck you up if you're done don't even go for it dude you're gonna fucking jiggle this shit my dogs over there trying to fuck with the people put his ball underneath in my tripod I don't think.

And then there's these three tips which are the fucking exact same shit they're exactly the same so. This is must be the normal thing and I know it'd be like fucking mold or some shit in there you need to get switch them out that's that and I guess I got I gotta try it out I don't really want to do that. Okay, got my tips other tips right here I got a thing here I haven't seen you turn it on oh that's sounds kind of nice comfort away uh what do I bet you ever supposed to have some shit on there first. Okay, I'm not gonna let that sit for a minute I mean it's look through here that handle was jiggling dude fuck by has an off switch here mm-hmm I guess. This is this is a regular I'm not you can't it's how focus but look at that it's that nice looks fucking quality dude put this shit that's fucking quality tip right there got some nice tips we're gonna put this tip in is just just general use tip I'm gonna put it the highest setting for now oh fuck. All right.

Here we go yes that's weird I use this shit dude there's no way dude is brilliant water water fucking ballot dude what the fuck the shooter I'm over her a total whoa dude it's pouring.

Much fucking water in my mouth it's fucking stupid hope you use this thing for real you smile and do it fuck it if I get a vest dude there's no way there's fuckin no way you can use this for real let's try this this might work better. This is the toothbrush tip or it's more generally used tip.

I'm feeling there's still a little hole in it but they may be the bristles will slow it down spraying all my goddamn fucking body let's find out oh God turn off first that's fucking terrifying you hear that shit.

I guess you gotta let all goddamn are out you're fucking loud good shit oh are do.

Much fucking water that comes out and shit.

Fast your trial when you turn the low setting maybe the low setting we better I had it the highest one and.

Probably better. All right.

That's about drift it's done but it's still fucking income for not your mouth but it's definitely better than it's the high-pressure one. This is in this one though I like to do a high depressing anybody see my my teeth oh I'm feeling more clean they did before this they just feel like I'm fucking soaking wet for no reason now I think a regular flosser might be better under the massage thing does I found a massage does oh shit I'm gonna put that bitch all the way up oh yeah I fucking sick I got it out very good massage the girl was doing a better job with something initiate that. All right, I got the job no.

I'm just fuckin useless don't use a massage. Okay, I'm gonna try that super strong one I'm all scared it has a fucking disclaimer on the fucking tip for that that tip looks deadly fucking kitty cat clock fuck me dude I'm scared use this shit not.

Bad alright that's fucking not a problem let's try that one out this one's fine. This is probably the best one.

Far oh I feel great good I like this one that's pretty good this wasn't part of the most reasonable one.

Far because it's not just fucking filling my mouth just fucking water the other one just look it just completely filled your shit or water it's unusable this one is about the same thing but comes out like. This is a little teeny tiny thing.

It's not you know I just want to see what it looks like superfast stop fuck dude stop fuck I'm scare me try it Wow. Okay, hurts dude what's not.

Bad Mike I like this one better like this oh this was a dumb fuck alarm before it out of your mouth again I like it as we get to the cracks you know thing right are your gums are bleeding is when you know oh fucking bleeding for real. Okay, maybe I should do that one.

Like hey one more time yeah. Okay, that was real. Okay, the disclaimers right. Okay, cuz I'm fucking legit bleeding in this shit gentle pull some yellow blood out get all about please I shouldn't what it gives us disclaimer disclaimer was just accurate oh my god I'm fucking stupid dude what the fuck does shoot in the back of your throat sometimes you're not paying attention Jesus Christ that's great invention man my teeth feel him I'm pretty good I would probably do this every day thanks mom she's really good birthday present you got me thanks well.

In conclusion I'd say that this rule device wow I wasn't expecting much Oh fucking gums dude I wasn't expecting much I thought I I thought like oh. This is my mom was talking about before I was driving before well I what thought I was drowning when I was using it before she's absolutely right I feel like I was drowning when I was using this the whole time the only one that felt pretty good was the one that the needle tip one and it felt pretty good on a higher setting until it did start cutting my gums open I was bleeding all over the place.

What I recommend the Waterpik well I recommend the Waterpik flosser wat it whatever it yeah dude it's pretty good yeah buy that shit man you got fucked up teeth you don't like brush your teeth and floss in the same time yeah say you feel pretty clean on even used on fucking toothpaste that's a good deal yeah you get a little little wet that's. Okay, fuck dude oh. Okay, yeah you go away I mean look at this shit fucking mess I don't think they designed it for you to be doing it in your fucking living room that's why I did.

Yeah tap water pick a water pick water flosser Aquarius professional fucking 3 3 3 sports for squirts out of five I'd say that the only thing get a little bit better with the squirts is you know more tips and more tips for more squirts probably all I could think of a maybe the king was like a complementary as well. Okay, pretty cool that's it alright shit up damn dude I should actually cut the shit out of my my gums it's.

These kind of things it's like that kind of pain or it's like or it's like you know you've it doesn't hurt but you know it's it's fucked up you know what I mean like it's kind of good at all pain and all these things like in very specific times that's like I got going on right now I made a mistake and God fuck do you look at you see that just showing look I mean a whole new stain what if we do it again this press try there's.

Much fuckin water dude look I feel this fucking thing off you you can't see very well. All right, all really this bloody water filled in there that's a lot of water but fuck dude god dammit.

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