Sholley Trolley UKs Best Selling Folding Shopping Trolley on Wheels

I'm in today's talked about the show trolley a deluxe shopping trolley but we have available on the Arthritis supermarket it's the UK's biggest selling shopping trolley as guaranteed we save talk with comes in two sizes regular and also petite is strong light yet totally stable to lean on and to walk with is ideal for people with arthritis or walking problems it's beautiful color beautiful design completely manufactured in the UK and has a very special anti-tip design making it stable and safe as you can see down the bottom here there's no rear axle which means that you can walk close behind it without tripping as you can see all the shoddy trolleys come with large smooth round wheels these provide extra shock absorbency which allow you to steer in any direction as you can see their swivel wheels so that when you come to a tight corner you don't have to worry about tipping it to move it around so mainly it very very very easy very light as you move around with your shoulder however if you feel a little unconfident particularly if you have arthritis and you have trouble with your walking what you can do is you can actually easily lock these wheels just like this this little clip here easy knock these off and then they stay in the go-ahead position giving you more stability if you're just being feeling a little wobbly I say beautifully smooth and easy just fear around any tight corner not a great feature of the shoddy trolley is the handle it's got beautiful soft grip here easy grip for you feels comfortable it feels warm but equally so the hand is equal is also a telescopic it's very easy to adjust you just lock it quite securely and then again you'll see it's stable it's stable so you can adjust it to your eye I'm quite tall so you can see so I can adjust it to my height and if your site is shorter again you to twist the handle push it down so that you have the most comfort waterproof lightweight tough fabric sturdy for all your shopping got mini so much space in this trolley it's fantastic what pockets at the front here newspapers your magazines bits and bobs you might want to go there you've got downside you unwrap another pocket you might use also that's waterproof this beautiful lead goes all the way over your shopping so then of its going to get better should we have rain show you all the space that we've actually got inside this show your trolley find if this waterproof lead you can see here lots and lots of lots of space for all your shopping and if you look here also got some handy pockets inside you can put your purse - mobile phone a pen for your shopping list can all go inside there again all it made of this tough durable waterproof fabric and equally so if you feel that things might be a little bit more show there you've got zip get here it's a lot safer you and keep your person your valuables inside there if you feel more comfortable with that but lots of space beautifully designed all out of the strong durable waterproof fabric perfect one of the greatest things about this surely trying design of it is actually how you can store it when it's empty as you know guess it's so large and spacious take all your shopping but really when you get it home you want to be able to tuck it away under a cupboard under the stairs so that you don't have so doesn't take up any space in your hallway so let me show you how easily this folds up just like this one easy smooth movement you pushed way walk around to Neath the cupboard in this case surely shopping trolley has passed all the UK government tests for stability and safety it comes in two sizes in regular and petite I'm going to teach it for those people who are 5 foot 4 and under slightly smaller capacity for the shopping and slightly lower people love their surely shopping trolleys so it's no wonder that they are the UK's best-selling shoppers
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