Shopkins Blind Bags Mystery Surprise Kawaii Food Shopping Basket Frozen SvenToy Opening Review

Cookies world's chocolate chip cookies it's time to do some more shopkins ok these awesome little adorable shopkin blind bags we're gonna open up these cute little baskets who knows what cute adorable little fruit or veggies or doughnuts or anything who knows at this point what in the heck could be in there well I hope there's gonna be some apples in there whoo-whee wouldn't that be something why I wanna learn from a frozen suction rose on frozen baking of frozen I really hope that Sven gets some carrots mmm all right well let's get opening manuel/oh shopkins how much a Maggie and I shouted for ye little shop clean because you wanted to sweet sweet shop okay so here our adorable little shopkin bags into inside of our cute little shopping basket yeah so let's get going so Applejack this one will be for you okay hold on let's get cracking with this so let's pull out these bags will and let's open one let's see let's see let's see you're hoping for apples let's see what we're gonna get for you whew and it is Wow look at the adorable whipped cream so you just push on the whipped cream and it just goes do you see the little bit of whipped cream sticking out oh that is so yummy and tasty Applejack do you want to taste I'm okay I want to keep on saving up my appetite for apples okay well who wants to whip cream why do I wear good clothes oh yeah okay things you're getting a little bit crazy here so cute adorable little whipped cream is precious precious fashion all right let's open up this other blind bag I think I think Apple test fan and which one is it are we ready are we ready are we ready lipstick look at this cute little lippy lippy it it's like kissing it's like saying pucker up oh it's so sweet and so fun and Wow who are you gonna put lipstick on we got to put lipstick on somebody right who's gonna get it who's gonna get the lipstick huh panda bear little LPS Swan little cute adorable little Gator spin onna Applejack who's gonna get it who's gonna get it I pick you oh yeah come on over here come on oh let's put some lipstick on you ready here we go oh wow van you and your little lip sticky little silly oh oh so super super cute little shopkins I love them and adore them sorry Applejack you did not get your apples in that set oh darn all right well let's look at the next basket boom okay so our little Yeti definitely wants to get some from the frozen section so any ice pops or ice cubes so anything frizzy frozen and cool right yeah okay we'll definitely take that as a yes so let's open this up and see if we can get anything for this little Yeti popsicle oh I wouldn't put anything frozen in the shopping cart but I think it was all over the place different narratives I don't know about awesome milky oh it's fucking creepy and game so skanky all over the pillow a little bit of Cannes I'm gonna do anything in the face is that available in Africa so here are adorable little shopkins in the shopping cart pull this out yeah so here we go let's see do you think you got anything in here yeah no okay wait we got to open them first okay I know you can't eat them but we're gonna open up first they look like ice cubes I know yeah yeah that one is really square looking hmm what's in that one okay let's start with that one first Oh let's take a peek e here we go ready he look in there first whoo that looks like whipped cream in there let's take this one out yummy what little yummy yay yummy it's a little licorice candy yummy yummy God my box okay yes so you're eating it anyways I don't think you really care if it's frozen or not frog frog frog okay so cool yummy adorable little licorice candy is super sweet I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it okay I'm still got one more little baggie here and here we go we're all little sudsy safety when Z when Z so it's a little soap bar so cute so you can just like rub-a-dub-dub scrub dub and be so clean and sparkly Bing yay so look at that we can wash your hands if you like locked Wow yeah now your hands are clean well at least they're soapy so yay look at its little face I like the soap bar it's really fun and cute and bubbly yay so that is a great collection of little shopkins there okay sorry Yeti no popsicles or anything frozen Wow okay suspend though where's Sven go well okay he wiped off his lipstick do you want any more on full oh okay well let's open up you some shopkins so here's your brand new little box of shopkins here so let's open this one up for you woo see if we're gonna get some carrots all right Sven here you go here's your little shopping bass and let's get opening with these ones let's see how their carrots in it or their carrots does it feel like carrots I don't know and take a peek what's inside that oops glittery what is it it's candy cotton so supposed to be a little bit of cotton candy oh but it's all glittery and sparkly and can't can't can't can't she's really sweet and adorable hmm you like that cotton candy mm-hmm trend you're gonna get red lips again though oh so now it's worth it huh okay I think you've had too much go on whoa cute little cotton candy is super glittery and fun of course and aleeah's little faces got a little tooth face and stuff so yeah candy cotton candy cotton as an older bird whoo okay there's one more to open here so we're gonna open up this bag whoa ready ready open open open whoa it's really looking it's a mini muffin yeah many many mini muffin this adorable muffin which actually looks like a cupcake but it's like a little blueberry muffin has a little bit of some candies and whipped cream and stuff on the top and his little tiny faces out a little nose that they gave it Oh fun and cute I love the little blackberries in it it's adorable I love it I like it so look at this awesome collection of shopkins that we got today it was so much fun opening up these and they are awesome person oh yes indeedy and Dee Dee and Dee Dee all right guys I have more shopkins to open so I will see you guys in my next video yay thank you so much cookie fans for hanging out with me hey you know you're awesome you know you're awesome I'll see you cookie fans later right oh we gotta pack everybody away so let's take our little shopkins cart just like that and we'll put in our little cotton candy ha our little muffin I know our lipsticks Finn's favorite and of course I don't licorice goes in there and then all to little purple treats let's go ahead and stuck them in there all right bye cookie fans see you later whoo cookie fans do you think you can figure out the secret cookie word by just looking at this cookie what do you think the cookie word is give you hit it has the words lipstick in it hmm don't worry buddy here next
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