Shopkins Blind Bags Mystery Surprise Kawaii Food Shopping Basket Fruits Veggies Toy Opening Review

Cookies worlds chocolate-chip cookie look at what I've got I'm katsu chef gianchetti we are going to open up these little shopkins there are random little shopkins and if you're wondering what in the heck is a shopkin look at its face it's just adorable cute little grocery items that come in this adorable little shopping cart do you see the little shopping basket right here oh I adore it look at the little fish dishes yeah okay maybe that's not a piece of food but it's way cute and we've got to open these up because well they're supposed to include two little shopkin critters on the inside and yeah so this is my first time opening up so let's do this together okay let's open up an open let's look at these little baggies in here oh my goodness they look like I don't know like little frozen eye snacks or something that are inside your little shopping cart so yay little shopkins let's see here how many are there to collect there's like a little shopping cart grocery cart list inside and you can see there's like a million of these adorable little shopkins to collect from all of these different type of categories and it's front and back and I got I got 11 so here's a cute little shopping cart oh my goodness okay so what are we gonna be putting in here for shopkins let's find out let's open up the little shopkin bag you're a daddy crazy dog this isn't work what am I gonna do okay so we've it oh it is little face oh it's so little fun mushy mushy mushy Moo yay little tiny you liliani little mushroom okay that's fun and it's like giggling cuz it's like little cute adorable y8 so we're gonna put him right here and then I can take x1 okay open and who's in here little cute little cheese oh look at its little faces making like a sourpuss face kind of like I don't know it looks yeah it's definitely it like a sad cheese but it's so fun and it's super yummy looking Oh doesn't that look so tasty cake stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it blow to room room hi jeez look whoa okay this little face is so fun and so cute okay these are adorable little time creatures they're so fun I'll pick this one right here oh yeah that was a great little piece to get how fun so much fun okay so let's open up the next little cute little shopping card okay here is our next little round of shopkins in here so let's take these out let's see who's inside whoop what is it yay it's sweet looking a little birthday cake so fun and it's all glittery - it's a little glittery one it's a glittery Lea little cake with the candles on it and it's making a little face like okay maybe it's not making that sound but it's fun okay let me get the next one - and let's see oh it's kind of a thinner one let's see oh my god here so it's an adorable little tooth brush so look at this little face okay it's happy it's got a little tiny Cup with it and it's like looking at you like hey hey where you going going off to bed did you remember to brush your teeth hey I didn't think so and look at his little brushy and he even has a little toothpaste on it right there so fun so you can brush your pee awesome way fun I love the little two first and this one's actually kind of wiggle it wiggle it wiggle it you see that okay my toothbrush doesn't do that but this one does Wow real fun right there okay we got one more cute little shopping card to open up do this yay here we go okay let's pull out our beautiful wonderful tasty little critters who do we have let's start with eeny meeny miny let's open up both at the same time how about that how about that okay ready opening them both at the same time ready open sweet please please okay look at who we got whoa I don't know what it is but it's really cute and fun looking it's just cute it's just really cute and fun we have this little pamphlet and it looks like it looks like is Rainbow Brite but the frosting and the cream is a little bit different right right right okay it's just like basically a rainbow that is weird I've never heard of a rainbow right I wonder is that a real sweet I don't know I should know because I'm cookie rude but this little guy's got a real tiny little legs all tucked up and I don't know close your ears or what those are but it's a cute little slice and then we're gonna go ahead and put it right over you but and then we're gonna look oh yeah the milky carton I love the milky the milk is really super sweet just go ahead and just drink this thing you know it's interesting you can't even tell if you open milk mustache why because you got white on your face silly yay the little tiny milk is adorable it's just like leaking milk all over the place it looks like somebody shook it up but nobody did because it's just cute and it also it doesn't look happy either it looks like it's pouting like oh my gosh actually it's crying why would the milk be growing just because you're crying over spilled milk you don't need a kowai it's okay here look at the Reba feel better cuz the rainbow ah if you butter yay okay these little critters are just way beyond cute there's so much fun and yay yay yeah it's all I have to say ah I love vibes all right cookie fan so I will see you in my next video let's go ahead and put the shopkins back into the shopping cart so yeah I'm gonna have some cheese Oh milk uh-huh thank you no biggie cake though uh-huh a mushroom yeah mushroom make me feel better mhm and oh this rainbow you had definitely looking at the bright rainbow I'll definitely be feeling great and I can't forget to brush my teeth at the end of the night after eating all these delicious treats so let's go ahead and take my shopping cart and I'm out of here by cookie fan see ya whoo food oh geez mmm yummy I am tasty on a yummy and cute ah hey hey come on take a bite out of me I'm really tasty no I don't want to can't you see I'm having a problem my milk is spilled wait there's cookie Vance Oh cookie fans hey hey hey how well were you paying attention to the video do you remember what color the birthday cake candles were put it below in the comments section come on take a bite out of me No hey come on dig my dad me take mine I taste yummy yummy cheesy Blair
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