Shopkins Blind Bags - Mystery Surprise Shopping Baskets

Baby hey guys welcome to my typing of the day check out my shirt today and that coal is the radio gah Audrey shirt with Audrey and Otto on it um anyways today I had these little shopkins which I found at Toys R Us they're only a dollar ninety-nine and their little blind bags was apparently a 148 to collect says there's two in here they just looked really cool I have a slight obsession with anything food related I just think it's a lot of fun so these are like little bitty shopping baskets so yeah they apparently just got these in new at Toys R Us for a dollar ninety-nine they have other like little playsets and collector packs and things as well so I hope this look really awesome so I'm gonna go to open these I have six of them to open so let's go ahead and get into these and see what they look like all right so here's our six shopkins so let's go ahead and get into these I'll show you guys real quick what they look like says season one he wasn't playing on season two two shopkins in a basket so it's like a shopping basket to show you guys all around okay let's go ahead and get into this see what they look like I'm gonna need my scissors all the little baskets are so fun hello handles come on that's cold alright let's see how do I get in here yes you did you rip this thing off ah there's blue bags you can't cheat and let's see what's this thing down here oh look his little basket is his shopkins you take them shopping okay let me see what this is okay so here is a big checklist on all the shopkins they have common rare ultra rare and special edition which is or blue dots so you have like little dots next to them the hall they have so many and look I mean you have on this side there's so many to collect okay so let's see what's in the first two buddies here oh okay oops just jumped him oh I'm not sure what this is it's uh so it is look at her little lips and she has a little whipped cream all they have little faces I'm gonna go through and look through look through their little pictures later because there's so many of them that would take me forever to ratify this little girl so there's this one all right let's see what the next one is oh my gosh what is this bomb lip balm so they're not just food there's some other like shopping products oh they're so cool though and look at this I can get a little shopping basket oh these are so awesome you guys watch my froggy stuff she recently did a how to make a frigerator you can put your little shopkins in the refrigerator that you know all right yeah we know what kind about what's going against the rest of them season other characters are hopefully don't got any doubles there's 148 click select it's a lot to collect I'm definitely if I can get more they're so much fun I love new toys that I can really get into enjoy okay let's see we did yet what is it it looks like a toothpaste a mint toothpaste look at his little teeth that's funny all right toothpaste guy right there oh he looks like a I don't know what he is he some kind of fruit I think with wings and he's very super super happy all right let's put this up and give us nails but these two in this basket there you go set them over there alright let's get into the next shopkin basket and see what else is in here this part kind of I going you get thank you okay all right you let's see what's in these two little T's right here so we got some soap you need soap with the little faces okay put him in a little basket there we go all jelly well I have a little have a little faces that's so cute okay all right let's put those over there I got three more to open let's go ahead and get into this fourth one I want to get a a cookie one or maybe have cheesecake I wanna get any of the bakery ones oh wait I just kid that's the first one that I got was a bigger one flutter cake was just a common one so I didn't get a bakery one oh cool so she was a cake with icing on her awesome all right you'll see what these two guys are just a little oh my gosh what is it not sure what that says I think it's a makeup tool maybe a makeup brush or something good face oh this thing it's Mandy candy I'll actually bulge over here that's right there and Mandy Candy's actually a rare she's a rare one Amanda candy which means she costs more money it's a grocery store oh look I just know somethin finishes glitter shopkins frozen shopkins a metallic shoppin shocked and shopkins I don't think I've got any of those special ones yet oh yeah I have I got this glitter one this one's glitter finish okay cool all right let's get into these last two shopkin baskets here see what's in here and good thing is so far no doubles that's really really really good right there two shopkins out see whoops in he'll he's yo gum it's like yogurt oh look how happy they are all right this one is a small one again it's a brush it's got hair in it all right let me get into the flaps on here and see what we got in here they're really fun you guys like it like you let me I only know what you guys think of these judges your opinion on shopkins I just finished through it somewhere oh goodness oh my gosh I'm so teeny I thought it was just an empty bag oh it's a toothbrush check this out it's a very happy toothbrush it has toothpaste on him oh all right let's open our very last option here this is a glittery finish one and he's like a cake oh cool all right I'm gonna go through and check these really quick and see forgotten you're like ultra rare special edition or anything and I'll tell you guys what it we got so I don't waste your tab okay set put them on order to decide right here all common these four here rares all the glittery ones or the ultra rare ones so we didn't get any special edition or any limited edition or any of the frozen ones where we dig it these ones and then this one and I can't find this one anywhere I've looked at the pamphlet up and down see they have a like little character right here but they have a yellow one and then they have this orange one then I'm a pink one and I've looked for everywhere and I can't find the pink one so I don't know what's going on with this one right here but yeah anyways so that's all the shopkins they're actually really fun I love these little basses that come with again I found these at Toys R Us for our dollar ninety-nine hey guys thank you so much for watching my joy pick out the day which was the shopkins destroy my favorite it looks like a yummy delicious cake with icing on it and some candles YUM so these are actually really fun I think a lot of you guys are probably really like these things so good luck finding them if you guys are looking for them thanks for watching my twit pic of the day I'll see you guys tomorrow bye
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