Shopkins Blind Bags PART 1/3 - Mystery Surprise Shopping Baskets

Hey guys so today we're gonna do like mini blind bag Palooza type of video I actually have 19 shopkins uh I did the a video opening of these on Thursday yeah Thursday and a lot of you guys said that you really like these and you want to see more and luckily I really like these too I think they're really awesome a lot of you guys have commented about how the baskets are awesome for like dolls and stuff and they aren't let me show you guys really quick um I'll get one here that I have already opened my last one and applewhite over here since she's thin right here so like if you need a shopping basket for your dolls check this out that's perfect isn't it I thought that was really cool I thought it was really smart of you guys to think about your dolls holding these baskets so besides them being awesome like little blind bag things and then being like cool little food products or healthcare products or whatever they had these little passages you can use for your dolls so I thought I was really cool so anyways umm reason why I say it's gonna be like a blind bag blues and mini J's because I'm actually having three videos opening all 19 of these I'm going to open 6 and then 6 and then 7 so and one of these is going to be just like the toy pick of the day so I'm not gonna have a 4th video today it's just going to be three videos opening these ones so I'm really excited because I think this is a really fun I can't wait to see what other characters we got maybe we can get like a rare one or a limited edition one or something like that so uh let me go ahead and see you I'll go ahead and pull yeah we're going to do 6 now for this video let's go and get into these and then I'll do six more a little bit later and then 7 more a little bit later today so make sure you come back for all of these videos if you want to see me opening all these shopkins which I wouldn't see why you wouldn't alright guys let's get this open we'll open our first 6 alright here's our first 6 shopkins let's go and get into this I'll show you guys the package just case you guys haven't seen it before a little shopping baskets and let's go hand into this and see which ones we got number one let's open you up yeah I hope I get some more bakery ones that I'm hoping that we get at some point today at least one of the prettier ones or the limits the additional wonder something guess we're about to find out exactly how aware a limited-edition they are ours please alright let's get the first shot I'm gonna grab this checklist I think I threw my other one away that was not smart open there we go okay so of course all the little baskets do come with the checklist here and here's all that you can flex all 148 apparently that you can collect some more on this side so let's go ahead and see what's in it first - what oh yeah I don't have this one what is it looks like jelly so pantry maybe um mmm is it jelly or is it like a shampoo or something maybe it is a health and beauty is it naw naw not a health and beauty hi guys what I'm gonna do is just go through and I'll find all these out see end because otherwise is in take me forever to go for all 148 every single time I open one so here's this little guy which no wait this is like it's like ketchup or something green ketchup because look there's Tomatoes right there I just want to find out what this is pantry would it be in the pantry yeah see look there it is but that one's a pink one this one's green and then they have another one up there which is pink but I don't see the green one is it now I don't know okay one of the ones I can't find anyways okay gonna waste more time right guys let's go to the next one next oh it looks like a taco this is a taco I'm not sure but it is really cute to look at it looks got like a taco rainbow thingamabob alright let's get you guys over there and put you in your little shopping baskets alright number two let's see who's in here so so far notes so good no doubles firstly the starters that I met no devotion one that opened on Thursday okay yeah alrighty let's come out of there you all right open the first one you see which ones we go oh my gosh it's another soap I do have one soap so this is a double but you can't have enough soap right come on out which side alright who's this guy oh we do have this one but in a different color okay this one but it's in a yellow one so too low so here's this one awesome put these guys in their basket set them right over there crap basket number three let's see who's in yeah I really want to get a cookie you guys watch cookie swirls eat cookies were all sweet that's not open um I want to cook you one yeah and then I can send it to her like all right let's see using this one another little taco one but different-colored see cool a little taco thing in there alright let's see who's next to this up yeah this is a pretzel or salt this is salt that goes on the pretzel so what would that be under let's see that would be under pantry food right now not pantry food health and beauty frozen I don't know what that'd be under I would say pantry food food but I'm not hundred percent sure hmm no I'll look at those later put them in a basket alright let's open basket number or UK alright let's see who do we have in here he was in here come on Kia there we go I'm going open go through all these boots all right let's see who's in here oh wait I think I do have this one jelly or do I different color I'm not sure here's jelly though all right let's see who's next whoo oh this one looks cool it's like a bottle of something what is that picture I'm not sure what he's supposed to be Pete that glass he's cold me suntan lotion that makes sense right so we're in sunglasses I don't know all righty let's open our fifth exit here see which ones we got still no limited edition one I don't think we've got any frozen ones either make sure the frozen ones look like so like they have the glittery ones which are the ultra rare ones or just rare or ultra rare okay let's see here glitter so there's ultra rare and special different come on be a rare one or something yeah it's another jelly one but it's a different color jelly one that's a yellow jelly I got so much jelly you guys want to go over oh I need to get some peanut butter one of the happiest I just ah yeah a bakery one oh my gosh it's a cupcake oh so cute so you should be here under bakery right here mini muffin oh it's a muffin and muffins just a common all right sugar man all right let's open our last blind shopping basket these are so much fun I think right I really like these because everybody that is into dolls and everything you can totally use this like for your dolls I mean little faces have food sure but you can still use it like if you making a table or anything it's perfect for doll size and they have little faces all right let's see what's in here Oh more soap but we now you have a purple soap and blue so they're best friends soap soap soap twice I don't have yellow suds or something on yeah all right so gonna last little blonde bag for this video and it is another salt but it's a different color salt because we have green salt now have blue salt all right so now I'm going to range these into rare and rare and whatever all they are and will be Rebecca alrighty so we didn't get any Austria that I know of so these are here all common these ones right here rare and then these here right here the gel eats I can't find on the list anywhere I thought I'd be other guys and then this one I found on the list but uh not this color see they have a pink one here but they don't have a green one so I don't really know exactly what's going on I don't know if there's another list somewhere but like this list is not consistent with these baskets because I have exact same problem on Thursday so I don't know exactly what's going on see here's another one and it has green tomatoes and like this one does but it's a pink bottle my green bottle so I don't really know what's going on but yeah so I have these three random ones don't know where they go and then those ones so I didn't get any older where anything next time but that's okay oh by the way guys identity is my living you this is my moose toys the same one who makes the selfs so that's really interesting so yeah there's definitely something awkward with my checklist because I can't find some of them so I don't know what's going on there but they're still really fun I still really love them so uh thank you guys so much for watching our two more shopkin videos coming today so stay tuned for those I will see you guys in one of those videos thanks for watching love you guys bye
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