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Here we wanted Shannon and Palooza Paul and we have a whole box a shopkins fashion spree today awesome these are really hard to find we've kind of been like hoarding this box for a while and not opening it yeah but today's the day we're gonna open it yes because we are looking for that right there yes the limited-edition Beverly Hills bling so today's video we're gonna open half this box and in a video and a couple days we're gonna open the other half so check back for that yep and if you're wondering what that dark shadow is right over there it's Simon he's hanging out everybody put in the comments hi Simon thank you anyway of course Simon look at the camera and say hi to everybody hey he's like nope people always talk about how I'm so good he's not good look at him he won't even say hi yes it is his nap time he likes to come into the studio and take a nap under the lights yes okay Paul you go first all right I'm going first so here we go so in fashion spray you can get some seasoned ones but not many you can get a lot of season two's in season three's and then you get also a lot of the place that shopkins but they're all in different exclusive colors and you can only get in fashion stuff I love the fact that they come in blind bags okay this is floppy hat very nice from one of the playset that was a it was a hat pack city huh and she looks really cool see look help there are different colors nice and ebon I'm beautiful my turn I hope we get the right one out of here I want to old Traer so we can show you what they look like and I want to live you looks okay yes I think one of the only season ones well this is a good one yeah there's that Polly polish smarty phone with the little kitty cat charm our kitty cat is leaving no apparently he's done son oh this one's really cute this is cam camera I love the camera one yeah cool cool floppy hat in the other color that's funny funny that is funny stack the hat's up oh the hats that they don't want to stack still have a whole bottle oh and here's one of my favorites this is shades little sunglasses your mind in the 80s yep okay so do you think is gonna be in here think an ultra rare hmm or at Beverly Hills oh good we got a shoe so this is an ultra rare this is cute boot and as you can see in this series the ultra rares are like the fluffy babies from series 2 oh they're all soft and fuzzy so it's awesome Oh another awesome one this is music box and there's a little tiny ballerina in there that can spin around while the music box plays cool just like I said you got a shoe and a hat that's not a hat you could wear a music box on your head crazy ok so I think that I'm gonna get something from let me think I'm gonna get something from the best-dressed collection which was one of playsets I don't know what it's gonna be but I think I'm getting some they're okay if I'm right okay Wilma wedge this is from season 3 oops this is hey right this is Penelope pleats little skirt the best-dressed collection you're doing good super cute I think you're gonna get a makeup product oh there's not many makeup things in here on me very specific with this yes you are going out on a limb pear this pack is really stuff these are huge okay so we have Casper cap as the first one here is that hat Paul talked about that I was gonna get oh please so no makeup products oh no but we have duplicate skirts you can layer them alright you can get stiff enough maybe the makeup product so it's gonna be in your package mm-hmm I don't think so I think I'm gonna get a shoe I think I'm gonna get a shoe from season three or I'm gonna get my t-phone you can use smarty phone to order a pair of shoes I could oh there's the other color of shades so cool we got both smarty phones on both shades that's nice have you guys opened any fashion spree if you have let us know down in the comments which one has been your favorite that you've gotten out of fashions phrase you'd like to hear that ooh awesome another ultra rare yep that is Sally sent for sweet Center sweet Sally it's perfume thank you sue parfum e perfume even a little scent sweet scent oh great pack and is it ringing or Rosie ring in here that's really the rings Edna's the perfume they going ringling I cannot remember those okay that was a great pack yeah let's see I think I'm gonna get something from the ballet collection in here okay ring-a-ling that's cool that is cool let me get sweet sense also nope I got a different ultra rare I got bun bun slipper nice very cool so but I like the fuzzy bunny slipper I do too I think they're adorable Kate laughs pack on this top row it's going to be inside I do know we got to were the ones to that one now we need that one yes that's lip oh whoops see Oh another ultra rare no Bonnie beret the little tortilla warmer fuzzy tortilla worm oh this is tough enough Oh so there's your ballet collection thing it just came one package too late yep too late toughie too late I think I come late but I'm still really cute that's a Casper cap that's the other color shop handbag here nope it's pop top yes and Bop tops an ultra rare also it's fuzzy and it's got so many different colors and I'm really impressed that they could make it look this good yeah those are really cool and fuzzy okay so Deford isn't get a friend nope not yet oh here's a friend for Duffin Wow duffer Duffin meet duffer oh hello defe oh hello Dafa so now she has a friend there you go perfect oh and sneaky sue I like this sneaky sue out of all of them the best I think okay I think that's my favorite I think I like the red one season tooth best Oh I only a few packs left come on Beverly heels although these have been a great few packs because you know a lot of hopeful airs oh here is sneaky wedge so why she's called sneaky wedge she's not a wedge yeah she's a wedge tennis shoe so this part of the tennis shoe would have a wet like it's basically like high-heeled tennis shoes okay like it it raises you up oh it's a wedge cuz it's so I've got it okay see this is like a normal tennis shoe see how flat it is that one's much taller it's a wedge all right well another shades that's a duplicate now you keep getting lots of shades dude this is my last pack for this video and then you guys will have to check back in a couple days to see the rest of the box being opened Paul still has one more pack for this video so stay tuned and make sure to see that oh here's the other cam camera this one is so cool with that silver legs its tailoring killer ring come on Beverly heels for lucky lips or poly polish it's not empty it's you know I said that was lip Oh on the front it wasn't it's not exposing those it looks like lip though because little is bigger yeah little is bigger and limo comes in that College yeah original you know we got Betty boot in the page that's really cool so these are all the awesome fashion spree shopkins from this video you guys you can also leave us in the comments a leave comment in the comments and let us know what you think of the special edition season shopkins like food fair fashion spree the eggs the Christmas ornaments do you think that's cool that mousse is making those it tell us what was your favorite yep alright so there they all are thanks for watching leave that comment and we'll see you in the next video see you later guys one of the Food Fair special editions this is wobbles I'm season ultra rares yes special ultra rares okay and I'm gonna go ahead and put the little traffic cone in this is Lana lamp from season 2 okay here's a choc frosted from season 3 it's
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