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Hey everyone its Shannon and Paul and if you watched our shopkins fashion spree video from a couple days ago you'll remember seeing all these awesome fashions free friends getting opened and we said we were going to open the rest of the box in a video coming up and that's today yes today hurry if you watch the first episode of this lead the video thumbs up right now yep okay let's go ahead and get started right away with these awesome shopkins so we did good in that first video we got both shopkins off the front of the package just we didn't ring a ling and regulates oh cool this is sneaky wedge in hot pink and silver awesome and Oh Hattie act how do you have in the pink and blue hello everybody thank you for coming to watch this video oh hi I'm Hattie hat that's what are you gonna say fat her that's the other color Hattie have got the other color in the other video okay see we didn't get very many of the ballet collection in the last video I'm surprised this is a couple I think yeah there's boys often send a music box is that it I think that's it but there's quite a few from the valley collection available in this series yeah oh nice fun wedding supper the little fluffy baby so you can see if you guys haven't opened fashions free or seen in the other videos in this the ultra rares are fuzzy like fluffy beach I was talk about the ballet collection and there's piano man right there awesome sing us a song piano man whoa I love opening Chuck ins it makes me want to do the Hopkins I don't know what that is so while just fun barking barking pumpkin bucket oh I love opening Chuck and awesome piano man but you get me that's Russell uniforms nonsense alright maybe we can give another piano man so publishing us something else here is floppy hat should be called flat hat it's a very tiny shopkin and well it's a satchel oh cool so satchel is awesome he is awesome all right i think i'm gonna get somebody from the best-dressed collection in dispatch let's see if I'm right we get oh I got toughie from the ballet collection I was close think that every that says I don't think it's from the best dress collection oh I was wrong I got Penelope pleats which is from the best dress collection I thought it was Casper cab no it just felt really big am I that's cool because that's the first color of that Penelope pleased that we got out of this thing else you might want to remove that tray I took the last shopping okay q okay who are you where is our tipster it is oh it's music Suzy in the neon highlighter color hardly ever seen music boxes in it and oh this is sneaker just plain sneaker just plain sneaker surprises not named sneaker sue snugger Sally yeah or 12 sneaker su hija one does to sneaker do that who do you think I'm gonna get in here share um I think you can get a little okay right nope this is ringing no in the other one it's like any other one yeah oh it was too big to be literally look too big yeah oh I got but in one slipper hey now we have a pair of we have a pair of fuzzy slipper Tara bunny slippers all right yep plastic in our shopkins this is oh cool this is cute boot which I got in the first video in the same color yep there's no Emma girls yeah we have a pair of boots we're gonna put them right can we see them we're gonna put them right there up front even though they're tall and they block some of the other shot down Oh him here's tiara I mean music box in the other color like from the first video can I forget if we get tiara in this collection TR comes McDonald shopkins I know that I don't think she's in this collection but that would have been a good one would have been I don't remember her in here meow oh here's one more edge this is the first one of these we're getting in that color oh yeah i forgot me first Prommy this is a good-looking one now we need promised mommy yeah that's right limited edition man promised mommy is the bling Beverly Hills I would love to see what she looks like imma to oh hey first poly polish yeah she's so cute he's this gonna be some small oh it's smarty phone you phone with the meow meow charm what do we have that fight what say yes but here's Wilma wedge in the blue color and we got her in the first video and I know what he pleads oh she needs to go on the Penelope pleat tower ok the pink Penelope plate tower yeah ok maybe we can get another Penelope pleats in pink well maybe what do you think well hey here's Bonnie beret in the pink nice little tortilla warmer she's gonna sit with cute boot Oh awesome this is Jennifer Rayne it's our first rain boot oh very nice you know any other Jennifer Rayne and we need the other taylor rain also yep and the other Betty Boop well flat hat mm-hmm this is floppy hat uh-oh Hedy hat hello hello head yep hello head yet okay who do you think is gonna be in hair Paul make your prediction okay I think one of the ballet slippers oh it's Ringling and gold oh cool you can't get one without like slippers in there I think recipe do you already go with that oh my goodness that is so funny good job oh wow he didn't have any idea he wasn't even looking take you all the people so it's tiara use my powers of prediction there I guess that's pretty awesome okay this is my last pack let's say I need to hold its my forehead and think Rosa tough about who's gonna be in here he's actually holding it to his forehead I think things is gonna have a taylor rain and address occur I came in taylor rain and dress occur let's see I would settle for being wrong if I get Beverly heels good luck I think hey Lorraine and Jessica or dress it up or in this pack ok so here we got brassica that looks like shades it's dress a guy wearing a costume yes you're funny and this is taylor rain taylor rain and shoe form just like sinker yes but it is though shopkins I was right a good job right here is the last package and I am NOT making a guess as to what is inside thank you my guess is didn't work out so well I'm just gonna open it up and hope it's something cool aha it is cool yeah piano man sing us a song piano no.1 the piano man in no blue Paul just open a pack and he got a shoe he got some sunglasses nothing rhymes with sunglasses does it I didn't think I mean that's it this seen this that's the end of the song uh-oh I lost my last pack here is my very last pack oh great way to end it another lippy lips went the different colors yep so perfect here they all are this is one whole box of fashion spree please leave the video a thumbs up if you enjoy these full box openings I'll leave a comment down below tell us who your favorite was out of everybody and what your favorite part of the video was that would be awesome we love reading your comments and thumbs up for Paul songs thank you i don't know if they deserve thumbs up but thank you anyway um please subscribe to PS where of you so you don't miss any of the opening action or the Salinas never forget the Salinas that's right yep we'll see you guys next time bye and we have brand new toys awesome these are the kitty club and as you can see we have a blind tag and then back there we have two cat um you're like packages that you can see the pizza cat but they come with accessories yo see these are pretty cool so we're going to be opening these and the
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