Shopkins season 3 sausage sizzle mr. Burrito guy and scoops gets married!!!!

Sausage sizzle yay Carly an interracial yeah hey guys welcome back to the chameleon is resale sorry guys at my voice is down there what we have my sausage this is all so crazy another mouth I know it's not the best but okay and yeah it is pretty good season 3 and we have a lot of price isn't it okay hi saath hai waffle sue what are you doing Oh fight for my other friends they got an invitation to mr. burrito sky wedding huh they did yes I'm gonna bring it I'm ibogaine Jurgis uh mr. burrito guy escapes wedding 1230pm whoa oh I want to go yeah I heard that Mr burritos I was having a wedding with scoops yeah yeah I'm going and I'm going to show you the other friends are going say hi coffee drip and then my sister caught invitation and it's my friends built new and my friends silly chilli so you guys got an invitation yeah we did mr. right right and oh somebody say mr. aburrido guy yes you did oh oh yes I have to say it but means groups are getting married today I made my tuxedo oh that's something there's my dress yes it's pretty shirt oh you guys are having a wedding where it is over there in the corner back there oh well what time is it 1230 p.m.

uh yeah well maybe come after the wedding with all these other friends okay there's plenty of seats so hurry up on the video okay no rush and I'll be restful yeah we'll come right after okay okay well that was bizarre Wow so mr. burrito guys scoops are having a wagon yeah can we watch yep sorry guys what mr. a burrito guys not watching because he is actually getting ready for them I'm super thing yeah are you excited yes you guys could watch over here okay come on over here I'm comin I'm comin I'm comin to predict put my quiche here is our sausage sizzle and we have a special guest Alexei this is Alexis his ten-year-old I got I'm 10 years old and she's a guest yeah I'm enjoys cousin and and we're having a sleepover and she decided to make a video on hack me you know a little idiot I'm so what do you think about plating I think it's a great idea aren't you guys gonna watch I'm going okay she's going to waste can be fun so getting the sausage so surprised it so different sausage sizzle using international food and season three and it is a common actually it's a rare yeah I'm a rare so I'm just gonna take since I don't want to peel them off and Leslie them out I'm gonna put the top here and if you just saw that black and that's my hair my hair so that's yes well guys I'm so I'm sorry mr. Boyd of glass waiting what are you guys and keep earth is so yeah sorry if you hear that that's just Alexis in the background super awesomely cool and yes so saw statistical is gonna go right there we have this this container it's a mash of passion I just blended in with the model pony in the turtle another like it feel I hear something actually I guess I'm a super so we'll just put them here Duchess next fastest we have these capsules they're actually from squishy pops but see what's inside just rolling around here and Alexis center yes what do you think we could open first oh I think you guys should open like a squishy fault okay Oh something came by now it is sausage sizzle himself so we could just compare them now in today so he's gonna go right here I did this all right yes it actually made this guy's and let's open this capsule that Alexis with this team okay and I think it's a squishy pop yet squishy paw oh it's Pinkie Pie actually pretty good I had Pinkie Pie pesos Pinkie Pie for Cutie Mark is some balloons right here she's frizzy hair and let's see squishy pop fish people so she could go on there if she could stand up on it just put her hmm it's just the ball or something okay here's a second yeah so this is a capsule here and I I did my nails this blue color it's my favorite oh here's me have a lot of shine flourish and tend to side pony just like Rainbow Dash but she has little butterflies on her and she go wait here Fluttershy loves animals could just put her there and then we have a cutie mark Crusader Scootaloo and Scootaloo is suicide and she's scoot over from cutie mark crusaders she's here and I think she's actually relatives for Rainbow Dash yes I'm okay that's good to know then it's so much more open and in the background you guys this is my small market shopping cause I keep all my duplicates so full fridge what we opened in the last video and five yes if you guys want him to know we've so here's one of this which one do you think we should open up first of all I hope I think this should open up this one first okay still it to pick up so what happened sorry facts about that a my leg with itchy so that's just oh I see ya shoppin she's three these are all new ones because I just gotta fight so it's just fuck up and i'm here with Matty spaghetti and then she's an international food just like just like sausage sizzle and this is a rare i think but keep go right here and you guys audience would you think it's your favorite the park i'll wait to the end I think you guys went to each other and then we have a sweet treats wander away / wander wafer soon sweets reads and it has like that the talk part but this is one wafer and I think she is a common here is PG and she's in fruitland fetish season three just a pretty flower on her but yeah here's PG and she's a common this purple color of it oh and here is a stationary Erica eraser and this is alexis's favorite right okay so air police or stationary it is special edition yay so wats was on that one and I'm so happy I just kill I still cannot believe that that mr. for girls guys have any way I thought she said something but but here is our photo sure you ok ok here is for I think it shocked us so this is our yellow so here's a good and here is nella slice she is in bakery I are now she's an international food and she is a rarity I don't know Alexa has the checklist ok she's in bakery and she is a comment Thank You Alexis you're well here's Stella stapler and it is stationary just like and it is special edition and that's like a light blue looks like he's confused do it here and we have shoes and shoes am is in happen on hats on shoes and it is a-comin she's choosing like think it's funny ha Suzanne's like Suzanne which is it so our last one of the opening is chatter and chatter is in homewares and it is a rare and chatter is Oh rare yeah Chavez red Lexus has the Texas back row so here is shattered and this is my very first one you guys didn't know G if I kept so working so chatter going here so guys that's all for today so I'm not saying bye to everything that we opens in from and let's go see the women guys let's travel on a shopping cart okay I think they're gonna go and shop let's go don't be late okay sandy oh yes five relatives is oh I think I just built what you knew oh you want to sit on the top and big okay coffee drip doing up here yep I'm gonna go out Monica ok so let's go by so whatever we open today wow we have a musician there and the person that's gonna tell that says hmm I think coffee drip is gonna sit here and she's gonna waffle sue is gonna sit there spilt milk tickets round three four then they got their seat ready 00 guys you made it good I like your tuxedo mr. burrito guys yeah thanks scoops I want you at the camera ok there's my dress yes I think we're having a baby and kind of get back oh I'm selling over whoa um yeah are you okay scoops yep I'm fine just completely here can i wade ah ok get good data start the music ok I'm sorry da da da da turn turn turn turn do-do-do-do do-do-do-do do-do-do-do ok mr.

burrito guy do you take scoops to be your wife I do I do oops to kick mr. freed ok to beer husband I do you make the braid I'm so happy even though I spilled my milk or earlier yeah you may put the ring on yay scoops put the ring on me yes I got it yay mr. Brito guy you have to put the ring on ok my fake my rings too big haha yeah oh yeah yeah mr. burrito guy is goose just got married wow I'm so happy and yes I'm super happy yes I've been waiting for so long I'm so happy thank you oh I made this toasty pop here i have like sprinkle of sparkles on it that's like tow strap right and we have just a liquid that me that Carly beep yeah and it just like mr.

there are seals bun bun slipper waffle sue laughs ooh and blue blue flower coffee and I'll see you on my next video guys it will be our 10 subscriber special I think and yeah the summer because yesterday was supposed to be blind back friday but sorry guys but a wedding is better right below and I'll see you in the next video bye please like subscribe comment I'll see in the next video bye.

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