Shopkins - Surprise Blind Bag Opening - Mystery Toy Shopping Basket

Hey you guys it's Audrey and today I'm going to be doing a review or a blind bag opening or a blind shopping basket opening I guess um but I'm going to be opening up some shopkins oh yeah so I have been seeing a lot of you guys do like openings on these the first person I saw was Chad Allen to shout out to him um but then like some of you other guys have been starting to open it like cookie swirl and so I'm going to open up four of them today I'm super excited so there's two shopkins in each one so that's H and all I want to get this sparkly doughnut on the front I really want to get it that'd be so cool um but these are super super awesome so let's open them up okay plastic and these are these are really cool okay there we go so awesome okay so i have gotten the cardboard off and now let's see which to I got good i need to bring spike over oh my first one is a sparkly that's funny that's really funny so that is the first 1i got it is people me and sparkly let's see who did I get okay um I got what where is it oh I got caught um candy cotton and it's pink it's an ultra rare oh yeah that's awesome my first one is an ultra rare that that's pretty funny okay who is my second one I'm guessing it's probably gonna be a common cuz that's how things work sometimes most of the time actually oh we got a little dessert it's so adorable oh my gosh so sooo I don't know why I folded this back up that was kind of a bad idea okay it looks like a dessert it looks like a cupcake so party no wait where is it all I got mini muffin and mini muffin is a comment we're so cute oh my gosh it's like the wearable okay little shopping baskets funny okay let's see who my next two are so we did find these at toys r us which was pretty cool and what's really surprising is you guys know how blind bags are usually like three to four dollars each well these ones were only like two dollars at Toys R Us and toys r us is usually pretty expensive so that is really surprising but it's a really really it's really awesome because these shopkins are pretty fun to open um if you have seen these and you haven't gotten any of them I would definitely recommend them they're pretty fun to open oh you guys I did get a five pack of these and I did see there was like bigger packs and then my playsets and stuff but if you guys want me to like open up more shopkins then definitely leave a like on this video and I will do more I saw chad get this one it's funny looking like really really weird looking but let's see if we can find it what does it look like it doesn't really look like anything like normal like I haven't seen anything like it um well I see Swiss Miss accept it looks exactly like that except it's yellow that one's pink so I'm guessing that Swiss Miss but I don't see it on here yeah I don't see it on here so that's kind of sad but that's swiftness I thought chat I saw child at that one that's really funny okay open this one it's really thick it's like square it's like a square there we go I got it whoa this one's cool that looks kind of like ice cream or something let's see okay let's try and find it on here so that one is Mandy candy and that one is a rare pretty pretty cool so what I'm going to do is open up these two and then at the end I'll tell you guys the names okay okay oh it's so it's so that's it that's funny that that's really cute I like it and it's purple to FK 0 in this next one is like Mandy candy so I'm guessing it's Mandy candy because they just look a different color that's cool that one looks really awesome I like the colors on it q oh ok we're on to the last one okay this one looks like licorice that is really cute that is really adorable and the last one so this one is suds and I'm not sure if it's a common rarer ultra rare I think it was a common this one is Miss twist and this one is silky that that's funny you know like from Teen Titans go that's funny I like silky she's a little girl bowl but also kind of gross at the same time but anyway I think that's pretty much it thank you guys for watching bye
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