Shopkins - Surprise Blind Shopping Basket Toy Opening!

Hey guys it's Auto and today I am doing some shopkins ooh haven't done any on my channel so this is my eighth I think I don't know how much shopkins I have open but we are gonna open for today I hope we got a sparkly because and that means it's a ultra rare I think yeah yeah I really hope we get at least those like a rare I really hope it just out it's just get away but if we get older that would be awesome right now please don't be lazy just take on the plot oh the plastic cardboard cardboard say cardboard okay there got cute oh we didn't get a sparkly this is it's familiar I think odd you got that one but air is yeah that's the way a long list I'm saying how long it is this'll even I got a green one almost put this don't split spike and I was cycling down there nope it's milk oh I thought I thought I thought it only came in two one oh I forgot that it came with two and then I thought this one came in here I still didn't get a sparkly this one I got sparkly I got ultra rare Oh see yet I just don't get that one is okay I forgot this one I know it like twice well I know she got it more than one time last one guess that's our only ultra-rare pony or shot rare so there's all the ones that we get let me count them 1 8 8 shopkins so we put them all in groups um so these are all the Commons and then the rares and then the ultra rare my own II don't follow their notes or just felt but this is mine only ultra rare well that is cool this is my only also we're awesome plus it's a candy yummy and then here's my rares and here's all the Commons so my baby hmm the ultra rare I really really like ultra rare or the ultra rare plus it has pink color sighs black but I think that's pretty much it thank you guys for watching and bye
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