Shovel Knight in Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U!? - Potential Leak

Hey guys! in here with another smash brothers discussion. This is regarding a leak or if you want to call it that now this comes from big cat taylor on twitter CP hacker 95 and by the way before i started he's also the guy who helped me make my new YouTube icon couldn't have done without him rather than finding the 16-bit link resulting of the Treasury.

I'm going to leave all these information in the comments and the description sorry his Twitter handle and his YouTube channel definitely go check in that he does lots of austin streams like call duty zombies and most recently star wars battlefront it's just a really fun time.

Definitely go check them out.

Anyway, let's get into this leak so. This is a character roster like now I know what you guys are thinking like oh my god these are the easiest things to make like everyone makes and they're.

Easy to drum up but um what's going into this because Nintendo did announced last night that there is a big announcement coming on Monday and it's going to do if they said it's going to be huge.

Maybe it's regarding smash brothers DLC and maybe it's regarding this leak or like it may be like matches up at this link is what i should say but I'm as you guys can see here I'll zoom in a bit el zoom in a bit there we go.

Why don't you guys can see that but that is shovel Knight they actually you get a better look down here.

It's basically saying that shovel Knight is fun is in the smash brothers roster now I have a few problems this link one it's literally only a picture of a character roster these are the easiest things to make as we saw with artsy on me like you can make these as convincing as you fucking want and they'll still be fake like the fact of there's not even video with. This is immediately turning me off but the picture.

People are like people are simply some of the people are saying in support of. This is like oh he's in the same pose as a meebo and yes well that makes sense like well if you would pretty much have to be and cloud it's also in the same position as a money got revealed in Smash Brothers.

That's kind of helping them but we haven't actually seen actually yes we have we have seen it official artwork it's on the smashmallows website I think but um yeah shuttle the thing people are saying it's a go wish I when I usually the same poses as an EVO which. Okay, yeah that makes sense well there's a few problems with that one is a bebo is not Easter naturally series of meebo now that's not to say that it couldn't work with smash brothers but we haven't seen an amigo that isn't as natural as you know work with smash brothers yet other than like the Mario ones because they're built to have the same functionality but um like the animal crossing ones for example they don't work on smash brothers.

That's one thing that I kind of has me against it but everything that makes me not.

Sure about. This is that if you look if you look at it it almost looks like it's like it looks like it's his amiibo pose I like it. Okay, shovel knight in this picture looks more like a toy than he does an actual like 3d model in Smash Brothers like make a proper playable 3d model like it does that make sense like sorry if I terminologies well off but he just he just looks more like a toy and it's like it looks like they just took his like toy he looks Li they took as a meebo art directly from like on a Walmart or something with Walmart page and just pasted it into this league like it doesn't look like it was tailored to look like he belongs and spatulas it just looks like it's as an EVO.

That's what I think about this I I'm totally calling this fake but I'd love to be wrong shell when I just one of the characters I want most and smash abilities but let me know what you guys think down below in the comments leave a like on this video if you enjoyed it and don't forget subscribe to my channel for more on smash brothers leaks hopefully more smash brothers stuff very soon directly up and other things attend oh alright piece of guys bye.

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