Side Step Birthday Card-Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge

Hello everyone. This is the rain from card creations and I'm going to squeeze in another quick well I don't know if this will be quick but another card for you I'm supposed to be getting ready to go fishing with my husband and i made this card last night.

I thought i'd go ahead and show you how to put it together and. This is a slide step card i made these at Christmastime several other have made these type of cards and it falls up into a standard a to size card.

It'll fit enough in your off envelope but I also gave instructions on how to make any type of envelope.

You can use that method for any of the cards that I show you how to make and. This is what it looks like standing up ok I did use the sweet treats cricut cartridge for all the cuts except for this little tag here i bought a pack of a little tags from k company and i use the little round one. Okay.

We'll go ahead and get started now on my blog when i first started doing my blog i did make this style of card and it was back in december and i do have the instructions posted and i'll add a link arm underneath my video on where to go to my blog if you need to UM get further instructions on how to do it but I'll go through it real quickly i'm not going to use my cutter because I've already scored and cut what I need to do on this and since i'm on the road it's hard to folk get my camera set up.

Ok and after that we'll go ahead and give i'll go ahead and give you the instructions and directions on how to make your base card I took a eight and a half by 11 piece of card stock and I cut it in half.

You have your a four and a quarter by let's see oh gosh let's see what is it I never give the measurements for that let me just check real quick.

It's five and a half by eight and a half. Okay, for them to play eight and half and what you do is on one side of the card you come in two inches and position that on your cutter and you come down one inch.

You will start cutting at the one inch mark all the way down to the six and 38 mark. Okay, and then on your cutter you will come down so. This is what you'll have you have a slit like this and then on your cutter you will come or your scoreboard you will come down one inch and make a score line from the scored or slit to this edge you measure scoreline.

You come down one inch make your score line the next score line you come in two inches from the top and make your score line the next one is at three inches. Okay, and then this one here is just center point of your card.

You will make your score line all the way from the top of the card all the way to the bottom.

That's exactly in half.

That's the four and a quarter mark. Okay, and then you come down here to the three and three eighths and make your score line only from the slit to the edge of the card.

Then you turn your card.

That you have this section to your left side and you fold that part in half. Okay, and then you begin your accordion fold. This is actually the back of the card.

Let's turn it this way because the well I have to flip it this way you slip it over.

Your larger section of your card will be the back.

You create actually little stairs.

You fold stay on which makes your Valley excuse me your mountain-fold valley-fold mountain-fold valley-fold mountain fold.

That is what you come up with gosh aah that sounded like I didn't make any sense but like i said i'll have a link on step by steps on how to do that the next thing that i'm going to do is open up my card and I've cut my pattern paper to cover my front section here.

I've got a little panel that I'm going to Center on that and I don't have the measurements for this um just I just go in and kind of mark my paper to see how wide I want it let's see. This is.

Difficult not having my tripod boy I'm not going to travel without it next time. Okay.

We're going to position that they're. Okay, and then the next piece i'm going to add is on this back section here add a little panel there i'm doing these in this pretty pink by Kane company not sure what stack it came from alright.

We'll put that there and then the next piece Oh be careful. This is the fold that's in the back.

Actually have to skip one and add it here. Okay, and then my front piece goes here. Okay, and when you fold it up there you have the beginning. Okay, now let's see I cut this cake and added my pop top step back and let's see. This is on page 39 and it's cut at three and a quarter inches let me just remove the backing from my foam tape foam tape I are actually using pop dot. Okay, i'm going to add that right there just Center it looks about listen. Okay, that looks good day. All right, and then I've got this present here. This is present too and that was cut at two and a half inches and i added a cane company little chipboard flower to that now this one I'm going to add to the very back.

Since I have a shadow piece on it it made it a little bit larger. Okay.

Add that there and the next piece is this was present one and this was cut it to an app also. Okay, i have to hurry cuz i'm spent too much time on the cut out of the card now this will go right there in the front the happy birthday and that was cut at one and a quarter inches and that's on page 56 ok and now i'm going to add actually i'm going to go straight to my bow in case I run out of time just lay this down and I just get this rigging and added a little bow up here just wrap it around the inside here we go I'll straighten the bow out in a little bit but i just want to show you real quick and i had to tie the bow and go go ahead and add my adhesive to the back of my little tag and add that they're. Okay, and there we have our side step birthday card using the sweet treats cricut cartridge thanks for watching.

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