Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Happy Halloween and welcome tonight's delicacies today we're going to be roasting pumpkin seeds which is an awesome use after you guys have cracked your pumpkins that you can actually eat the seeds that are inside of it and they're delicious and they're super healthy for you too so the first thing you're gonna do is just clean out your pumpkin take out all the seeds and then here I have them right here in my strainer ready to rinse off you're gonna want to rinse them in cold water now that you have your pumpkin seeds all rinsed what we're gonna do is we're just gonna lay them out on a paper towel to get them all dried off you want to get as much of the water as we can off of these so they can get nice and crispy now if you have time and you don't want to eat them right away it's a good idea to leave these overnight to dry out even more and then they'll roast a lot faster but we're going to just use them straight out of the pumpkin nice and wet just gonna take a little bit longer in the oven okay once your pumpkins these are nice and dry and we're gonna go ahead and put them just on a cookie sheet so that we can roast them in the oven now you can just dry roast these if you like and then they're super healthy but I like to add a little bit of flavor to mine so you see I put enough on here that you can spread them out evenly you don't want them on top of each other ever ups they're not gonna get as crispy okay so here I have about a tablespoon or two of oil that I'm gonna go ahead and cut these with it's going to help them get super crispy in the oven now you can use vegetable oil olive oil butter anything like that's gonna work for this and I'm just gonna spread this over here spread this over the top of my pumpkin seeds toss these around to get them all nice and coated okay now I'm gonna flavor these with a little bit of salt it's about a tablespoon of salt and then I like to add garlic powder to mine it gives it just a such a delicious flavor it's really good even if you don't really like garlic I do probably a tablespoon to two tablespoons of the garlic powder because they really like the flavor of that and then that's all you have to do what I do with my oven as I set it to 350 degrees and I'm gonna roast these for about 20 minutes so I'm gonna put them in for 10 minutes and then I'm going to shake them around kind of turn them over and then put it back in for 10 our pumpkin seeds have been in the oven for about 10 minutes now so we're gonna check them and kind of shake them around you can hear them sizzling but we need them to be a little bit more Brown and tell some of the edges and some of the bottoms of them get nice Brown we're just gonna kind of stir them up flip them over put them out the best you can so there is single layer we'll stick them back in for about five or ten more minutes just watch them really careful because you don't want them to get burnt oK we've been roasting our pumpkin seeds for about 20 minutes now as you can see they're a lot darker in color they're nice and brown and they're nice and crispy which is what you want because you can actually eat the shells on these or if you want you can show them but that's just a lot of work they're nice and crispy then they're easy to eat the shells try this you're gonna have so many pumpkin seeds left over from your Halloween pumpkins from carving them and making cute jack-o'-lanterns you might as well get some delicious pumpkin seeds out of them and they're healthy and good for you and thanks for watching you guys and have a happy Halloween and she never
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