Hey everybody let's make some candied almonds here's what you're going to need three cups of almonds a cup and a half of water one cup of white sugar 1/2 a cup of light brown sugar a tablespoon of cinnamon a heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder and half a teaspoon of nutmeg you're also going to need a tray lined with wax paper we're going to begin by adding all our dry ingredients into a pan and just giving those a quick mix up doesn't have to be pretty and then add your water let's just mix all that together and we're going to turn our heat on to medium high now when that starts to boil we're going to add the almonds our mixture has just begun to boil so now we're going to add the almonds and now we're just going to stir this constantly until every trace of fluid has evaporated and the sugars have recrystallized onto the arms this should take about 15 to 25 minutes depending on how much fluid you've made now if anybody's not worked with candy-making before be really really careful at this stage because boiling sugar is monstrously hot and this will burn the living crap out of you if you're not really careful don't let it touch the stuff like napalm okay this is getting really thick now in just a few more minutes all that moisture is going to be gone and the sugars will be recrystallizing under the surface of the almonds almost there now you may notice a sense like it's burning don't worry it's not just keep going see our sugars are not only crystallizing all that moisture is just about gone and that's what we're looking for I'm going to turn the heat off now we get that all that looks good okay we've got a tray lined with wax paper let's transfer the almonds onto that oh that looks good ah spread them around break up in a clump because so now we'll be stuck together okay now let these cool for at least 20 minutes maybe even longer go for half an hour because I'm done yet these are very very very hot and you're going to burn yourself to Noland if you try to eat one now let's just let these cool now once they've cooled transfer them into a bowl and you can put these on salads they're very good that way also good on ice cream or just plain eating straight out of the bowl let's give a couple of these a try oh yeah nice and crunchy and there's a sugar and the cocoa powder and the nutmeg just tastes so good make these and I guarantee you will say holy crap that's good whooping to do but doo doo doo doo
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