Sirch Snacks On - Hawai'i Island Sweet Potato Chip

Hey what's going on people search one here search snacks on back again with another snack the most unprofessional I'm launched unsubscribe to youtube channel for food reviews you'll find on all of youtube search snacks on as I said got a snack for you hear people oh oh by the way I'm not my car it's not snowing I'm definitely not in New England I've got sunglasses on and a badass t-shirt and a fatass balcony that's right i am in waikiki beach honolulu hawaii and i'm going to do a Hawaiian snack for you because I care about all 17 people that will watch this over the next 17 years and you're going to enjoy this one like I'm enjoying my Coors Light forgive me like my last video I'm a bit hungover like I was the last time I was doing shots of jager with some marine last night in the bar downstairs in our hotel and I really know what's going on but I do know that I'm doing a review and what do I have for you hawaii island hawaii island ep sweet potato chips Hawaii's first chip company since 1936 so maybe your great grandpappy came here back in the 40s and had some of these chips before your parents were even born huh Hawaii Island people sweet potato chips hawai is first chip company I'm not gonna read all this stuff because there's way too much of it I like sweet potato chips let's try these things out and then get the hell out of here right I don't want to be wasting my time or wasting your time hawaii island sweet potato chips I apologize for the noise the very busy city down here lots of action going on lots of action lots of out of shape people in bikinis swim trunks like myself because I'm eating snacks all day there we go people Hawaiian Hawaii Island classic sweet potato chips made in Hawaii here we go oh shit I dropped one drop them three-second rule these are really good as you can see they got almost like a purple purple color to them I didn't think that sweet potatoes were purple very similar to the I can't think of the name right now you know the the vegetable potato chips they can get little italy expensive ones in the black bag they taste like those not not only 35 milligrams of sodium they're not too salty they got a nice crunch to them there they taste like a kettle cooked I'm assuming they are it doesn't say if they're kettle cooked like I said I'm not reading all this stuff these are really good you're probably never going to have these unless you come here to light hawaii island sweet potato chips they're certified got a good crunch tool I'm going to give them a 7 out of 10 and I want to get my Coors Light a 10 out of 10 because it's the world's most refreshing beer I'm not tapping the rockies I'm tapping the volcano people I'm tapping the volcano thanks for watching people if this video sucks i understand i'm still drunk from last night i took it a leave and then drank so i might have some stomach bleeding going on that's not good so I'll update you on that in the next video thank you to all my new subscribers I think there was one of you and I think I had an additional 20 views on my last video so like I said I'm blowing up people shout out to all my friends out there on YouTube shouts all my friends back home right now watching this I'm gonna be here for another week I'm going over to Maui on Tuesday got the club going up Oh Tuesday but yeah my girlfriend here having an amazing time you don't give a fuck thanks for watching search search snacks on Hawaii Island sweet potato chips seven out of ten thanks for watching people i will probably doing another video from Hawaii before I go back home so thumbs up if you liked it if it sucks you know what I'm saying peace out people
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