SK-II Dupes | IOPE Bio Essence vs MISSHA Time Revolution Essence

I hope 8vs let's welcome back to my channel. This is sandy from I hope diverse PD and today I have a really special video for you that I've been working on for quite some time ah I've been testing out to skin care products the I obey pile essence intense conditioning as well as the very famous Misha time revolution first treatment essence now these two I've been testing out because I've been looking for the best SK two dupes now as you know SK chew essence is really really popular but it's quite quite expensive.

I wanted to check out a couple alternatives that were cheaper that worked efficiently and that I can incorporate in my skincare routine.

Let's start with Misha.

As you know missions first essence is really really popular is probably one of their best top seller like skincare products now I would have to say that. This is quite quite affordable.

SK-II Dupes | IOPE Bio Essence vs  MISSHA Time Revolution Essence

If you're looking for something that is similar to the SK 2 but it's you know probably half the price off then this one is for you this one is actually about 35,000 135 dollars but you can actually sometimes find it on sale for like twenty-five dollars twenty-five thousand one.

It's definitely like a quarter of the price of the SK - what as you can look inside it's very very liquidy AHA it's dripping everywhere and it really does seep into the skin very well and very quickly now one thing I would have to say is that this formula is quite weak compared to something like the SK 2 1 um obviously it works the same but it's just the formula itself is a little bit not as strong compared to like an SKT one or even the eye open one this would be great if you have very sensitive skin if you're just looking for an affordable option or if you want to figure out if it works just like a sketchy one or not you can definitely check it out one thing I will say I don't like about is that I feel like for my sensitive skin um that breaks out easily I feel like whenever I break out I want some essence that helps me sort of heal them back up help me heal my blemish boss helps me heal my breakouts and sort of really keep the skin clean I feel like this one doesn't do as great on this upgrade as a job that I wish it would but it's still really really nice I really enjoy it and I think if you're like I said looking for an affordable option that still looks and feels like the sk2 kind of then this one will be for you now let's go into the eye open one I'm going to have to say I have to be honest I'm very biased because I really really love this one.

Much more than the Mesha one now there is a price difference on the eye open one is about sixty dollars.

Sixty thousand won.

It's a little bit more pricey pretty much double the price compared to the eye or the mission one but it's definitely a lot cheaper than the sk2 one one thing that I really like about the eye open one is that the eye open one you can find pretty much on sale a lot many of the times I purchased the eye open one on sale and usually it's about forty two dollars which is pretty much only a few bucks more compared to the Mesha one.

That's why I really really like this one because technically I'm getting the same value on price why is based compared to the mission one also I feel like this one is uh much better for my skin when I'm whenever I'm breaking out whenever I'm breaking out I really like to gravitate towards this one because it really does help my pimples and my blemish spots heal a lot faster and it really does brighten the skin now this one does brighten the skin Misha does brighten the skin it does help reduce redness of the skin and it really does prep the skin as well but this one the open one is a little bit stronger I would say in comparison makes my skin super super flawless looking and it really does prep the skin as well now one con I have about the eye open one though is that I feel like if you use it way too much it will strip your skin um with the Misha won the mission one doesn't really strip the skin at all I didn't notice that is stripped my skin or made it dry but with the eye open one I noticed that if I use it constantly then it doesn't do a great of a job as I wish and it makes my skin drool really dry.

I would say for the eye open one I really love using it in my morning routine as well as when my skin is breaking out a lot whereas the Misha one I really like using it at night just because it's a lot more gentle and I feel like it won't break me out as much um or strip my skin as much and also it's you know a lot more affordable compared to the eye open one now I open did upgrade their formula the one that I have is the bio redox 93.7% I hope I said that right but yes but they did upgrade their formula and I did purchase the upgraded one just to test it out alright now if you are in Korea or if you're you know purchasing things online from allottee thumb definitely definitely take advantage of the sell that they're going with I open right now they're having these like big boxes I'll show it to you these recently they're having this like huge by the way I'm not sponsored or anything I've been purchasing a lot of things for family members.

Yeah but here is the big box that they are having right now on sale.

Basically here is the upgraded version of the IOP oil essence formula and then here is a sort of kit anti-aging special kit and it basically has like the retinol cream the small version of the iOS is cotton pads all that stuff and then here is just a big box of the I obey by lessons cotton pads which I really really really really love.

Basically yeah.

That is the upgraded version of the IOP one now I'm not there is a difference between the one that I'm currently using in the upgraded formula I will let you know in the future either on my blog or on Instagram or here on YouTube but yeah I will let you know but overall yeah like I said pro about it is that the formula is a lot more intensive compared to the Mesha one.

I feel like it works a lot better with healing my blemish spots in really brightening the skin but on the other hand it really does strip the skin if you use it way too much throughout the day like morning and night or if you have extremely extremely dry sensitive skin but I have some skin and I have dry skin and I haven't had really that much of an issue with this except if I just use it constantly constantly.

Then I have to switch it up to my Misha wat now I want to talk to you a little bit about the eye open more just because it's what I've been using a lot more I actually used a smaller version of this but I got as a gift and then I went into this one.

Before I started using this I actually had a huge huge breakout due to a serum that I was using and it cost me a lot of allergic reaction.

Pretty much at the side of my jawline and my cheeks both sides especially one side was much worse than the other but I had major major major breakout like it was terrible and actually on my skin tone whenever I break out it does leave a lot of blemish spots behind and it's just because of my skin type um after using the IOP one it really did help clear those blemish boss and I do have clip.

I will show them in this video but yeah I really did change the skin texture and the quality of my skin if that makes sense my skin was.

Much better after using it and it really made a big difference.

I was quite happy that something did save my skin that's pretty much my SK 2 dupes review Misha our time revolution treatment essence as well as the IOP bio essence 1 if you have further questions on these please let me know basically guys these are amazing both of them obviously there's pros and cons and depending on your skin that the results may vary but like I said these are awesome dupes I really enjoy both of them even though I like the output one a little bit more you know but I really really like both of them they are great if you're looking for more affordable options of the SK 2 and if you're also looking into trying out Korean skincare definitely check these out really really liked them and as always don't forget to thumbs up this video and subscribe to my channel if you have any further questions like I said comment below and don't forget to check out my Instagram because I tend to you know do post at pictures of my life there and yeah I will talk to you guys later bye hey everyone welcome back to my channel. This is sandy from I hope diverse Beauty.

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