SKINCARE cure natural aqua gel

This is the cure or Curie I'm not sure how they pronounce it but seeing gel and. This is actually like II kind of scrub um I saw this product back when fuzz kitty was making a ton of videos she's kind of slowed down.

I hope that everything's. Okay, there but she still has all her videos online and it's a really great channel to kind of check out a lot of Asian cosmetics but a lot of other people have kind of raved about this too I think musing of amuse has done a blog about this but it's this Japanese kind of aqua gel and it does have more natural ingredients and I bought this from I'm moloko calm this isn't sponsored or anything that's just where I happen to find it and it's this nice large sized bottle it's kind of like this tall thin pump bottle. Okay, and you can take these I love to keep these because I found not using it it's great just to snap it in.

That you don't accidentally pump it out but. This is just really nice especially for like the summer time where I feel like I'm a little bit more sweaty ER and just grungier.

It's really gentle.

SKINCARE   cure   natural aqua gel

That you could almost use it everyday I don't use it everyday but it's a lot more gentle than say a regular scrub where you have like little micro beads and like sand particles and everything. This is actually just a flat gel and then it just kind of works itself.

That you and you leave it on for a little bit and then you kind of rub your dead skin cells away.

Let me show you how it kind of works that's the best way to explain it really let's see it's this clear gel here. Okay, and you just kind of rub it in. Okay, and I like to put it all over my face and kind of just let it sit for like just a couple seconds I mean not a long time at all you know but I just rub it all over my face wait a couple seconds and then I go back and while it's still moist do you see how as you rub it's getting these little particles here. This is actually little bunches of dead skin cells that I'm rubbing off the back of my hand. Okay.

It's not like an actual particle that's in the gel or anything like that it just it stimulates to kind of help remove a layer of dead skin cells.

It's not actually scrubbing anything.

It's not harsh it doesn't scratch it's really really really gentle because you're just using the friction from your fingers to kind of pick up any loose dead skin cells that you might have and.

Then see how there's all these little clumps.

These are just little loose dead skin cells on the back of my hand here but it's my own skin it's not like any sand particles or anything like that and.

Then you just kind of keep rubbing until it kind of dries once the product is kind of dried up it's kind of done you're not going to get a whole lot more off and then you would just wash your face and rinse all of this off. Okay, when you're done it just feels.

Nice and smooth but it's not harsh at all I mean it really isn't exfoliating exfoliating to the point where you're scrubbing.

I think that's why I really love it because it's.


Especially in the summertime if you just kind of feel like grungy like I do with your sunscreen and you're a little bit sweaty throughout the day and stuff like it's just a really nice gentle kind of cleanser to reach for just to kind of help freshen up your face and get rid of any of that kind of like grungy grimy feeling and it doesn't have a scent and it doesn't leave my skin feeling stinging or burnt or dry or anything like that it's just really really gentle but still effective I do recommend though that you go ahead and take your makeup off before you use this this isn't really like a makeup remover cleanser or anything like that.

Take your makeup off with makeup remover wipe or like my cleansing oil and then I would is this and it just feels like really nice and kind of cleansing with gentle without being harsh or two exfoliating. Okay, so. This is the natural aqua gel cure and it's a Japanese product.

I think you can find it at like salsa and stuff but I bought mine through I'm a mofo.

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