SKINCARE ROUTINE/ Korean 10 Step Regimen

Hello and welcome to my Channel today I'm going to be explaining the ten step Korean skincare regimen ten steps that's right that may sound excessive and it is that's why this video is 40 minutes long just kidding I'm just going to go through my daily skin care regimen and show you what products I use some are Korean products and some are not. This is what has been working for me and my face you don't have to do all 10 steps every day if you're someone that usually gets home and use the makeup wipe to wipe off your makeup at the end of the day and then that's that then 10 steps may seem super daunting to you but you can't expect to have clear skin without investing a little time and effort into your routine before reading up on the tenth step skincare regimen I thought I had a pretty decent regimen going and my skin was looking good but since committing to doing the daily skin care regimen for about six weeks now I've definitely noticed an improvement in my skin's texture and brightness.

I can definitely say that it works at the end of the day the point is basically that if you take a little extra time in the day to spend on your skin care and treat it well then your skin will thank you.

On to my current skincare routine all the products will be listed down below and if you want to know about any of them in greater details and check out my Korean skincare haul video step one is oil cleanse. This is especially important at the end of the day if I've been wearing a lot of makeup I usually use the touch of pure camilo one-step cleansing oil I pump a few pumps of this directly into my hands and then I rub it all over my dry face and really get into get the makeup off and then I usually use a face cloth and run that under some hot water to wipe off the cleanser or if I'm not really wearing any makeup that date and I'll just splash it off if there's still some eye makeup residue then I like to use a nice layer of water my favorites are the simple cleansing me solar water and the Kogan co gendo cleansing spa water I take it in this on comp ad or q-tip and then just really get into details of getting rid of the eye makeup step 2 is the second cleanse or the double cleanse. This is to get rid of any residue left over from the oil cleanser you used or any makeup that's still left on your face most people would use a foaming cleanser for the step or a water-based cleanser but I usually just go back and use the same talk to your cleanser a second time but if you prefer to use a foaming cleanser and that's up to you step three is exfoliate this one I usually throw in once or twice a week I like to use the Tata polished classic rice and diamond powder so. This is like comes in a little powder and basically you just pull up in your hand add some water to make a paste and scrub that around on your face then you rinse it off step four is toner and if Tony makes you think of a stringent products full of alcohol or witch hazel that's doing your face then you are like most people but in Korea toning is more about moisturizing Korean toning is not meant to strip your skin of oils it's much more gentle in fact most Koreans avoid using alcohol at all in their skin care products and you should too for toning I like to use the moisturizing toner or an exfoliating one like the pic siglo tonic which has five percent of the colic acid and if I'm in a rush then all just spritz on a bit of the top two Harper hydrating floral essence instead Step five is the essence and this might just be the most important part of the skincare routine or at least the most Korean part the purpose of the essence is basically to prepare your skin to absorb the products that you're about to layer on top of it they're usually a light gel like or watery texture and they soak in pretty quickly to be totally honest I'm not sure exactly how it works but I do know that since I started using essence daily on my face that I've noticed a change in brightness and it's definitely smoothed my skin out in the morning I like to use the Benton snail the essence and at night I reach for the clinic even better essence for dry skin I usually just put a pump couple pumps as my hands and kind of Pat it in all over my face step six is the ample or serum there are a few treatments I've been using recent you that I have been enjoying the first one is the good genes corrective treatment from sunday riley this has lactic acid in it I also like the kate somerville a Redis fear which is a retinol night cream and then I'll switch that in with the trilogy Rose his antioxidant plus oil.

Yeah I basically just rotate these every few nights um depending on what I feel like using and then in the morning I like to use the Mizen multifunction formulas snail repair intensive and pool step 7 is the sheet mask. This is one to just throw in every once in a while whenever you have time hopefully about once or twice a week there are.

SKINCARE ROUTINE/ Korean 10 Step Regimen

Many sheet masks out there on the market but my favorite one right now is the snail be high content mastic pack I'll usually just throw this on in the evening on watching TV right now I'm very much enjoying Jane the Virgin and then after about half an hour just peel off the cloth part throw it away and then rub in whatever essence is left on your skin and then continue with the rest of the skin care regimen. This is not a rinse off kind of thing step 8 is eye cream this one's pretty self-explanatory right now i'm using the dr hauschka hydrating eye cream it's. Okay, um I usually prefer something that doesn't have fragrance for use around my eyes step nine is moisturize and. This is something that you want to tailor to your skin's individual needs.

If you have oily skin use something a little lighter and if you have dry skin use something that is heavier enrich what I've been enjoying recently is the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream I really like the product I don't love that it comes in the jar because it's a little bit unsanitary I usually use a little plastic scoop to scoop some out since I have talents I don't get any product under there and step 10 is SPF the 1 i've been using musimy is the elta MD UV clear SPF 46 and in Korea they're super obsessed with some care just like me basically most people never leave the house without it it's a good idea to get in the habit of reapply your sunscreen too if you're out in the Sun for more than a couple hours at a time and for that a cushion compact can be useful and thus concludes my current skincare regimen obviously all this stuff isn't going to work for everyone the idea is to tailor it to your specific skin care needs it may seem like a lot of steps but it doesn't actually take that much time I'm usually ready to go in under 5 minutes thank you very much for watching if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe.

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