Smoked Candied Nuts

Today we're going to smoke and then candy some peanuts we're starting out with a pound of raw peanuts blind a baking sheet with aluminum foil spread them out on a thin layer and they're going to go in a smoker just in case you're worried about not having the right equipment we're just using an old 22 inch weber kettle that i Sport off of Craigslist it's left in fifty dollars inside it I've got the amazing Philip tube smoker that's what we're going to use for our smoke we've got our pan of peanuts on there we're just going to set the lid on top vent wide open what's on the smoke out let them smoke for about an hour the penis have been smoking for an hour so we've got a 5 quart dutch oven warming up here and to that we have to put the water one and a half cups of sugar we're going to get that stirred up until the sugar dissolves and then we will add the peanuts I have to cut back that here two minutes like only have two hands I've added the peanuts total of three cups will cook that stirring frequently until the liquid is dissolved and the sugar crystallized spin right at 10 minutes liquids gone and if you can see that the peanuts look like you're covered in a fine sand so we'll keep sternum and that sand is going to turn to a syrup here shortly after about another 10 minutes all that sand mixture has melted into the peanuts or onto the peanuts so it to that we're going to add a quarter teaspoon of sea salt and a half teaspoon of cinnamon and we'll stir that in real good off camera are added three quarters of a teaspoon of vanilla stirred that in then we put about onto the same sheet to let them cool oh those are going to be tasty if I Boston baked beans now that they've had a chance to prove complete it pretty much individual nut kind of nice coating to them and man they're tasty they say in an airtight container they'll keep a couple weeks a couple days maybe they'll be gone some are good thanks for watching as an addendum to the smoked candied peanuts this is a batch of almonds that we just finished same recipes same methods and again they say the last couple weeks yeah not around my house they won't they'll be gone in a few days you
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