Snack Purchase: Big Ol' Box of BIGS Sunflower Seeds

Hey folks thanks for joining me for another video I ordered a whole bunch of big sunflower seeds from Biggs comm because they've got some flavors on their website that I cannot get in any stores local to me.

I just wanted to open this up and show you the contents and that's it and I'm just going to enjoy my sunflower seeds I bought some most these are for me and bought some for a co-worker he's footing a portion of the bill by the way anyone they can guess what knife. This is you're a good guesser that's all no prize involved just good for you know let's see those already sounds already broken open got a label here oh let me turn that around dear savvy snack shopper thank you for your recent order from fantasy or thon Aussie foods blah blah blah your order was filled and packaged especially for you by John look these guys also do like Dukes beef jerky and some earlier various snack brands but anyway, you can see right here there's also some Jim Beam these are made by bigs I've mentioned them in other videos someone suggested these to me and they're really good the Jim Beam BBQ sunflower seeds are amazing sorry for the weird lighting it's late and I've lost all my sunlight.

I've got the overhead light on and it's a little soft slow we got one bag of Hidden Valley Ranch these are really good but they're not my favorite flavor.

I didn't want to waste too much of my order getting them because I can actually get these locally.

About one bag of those these are also local to me at the BBQ sunflower seeds but they're really good.

I got two bags of these and then I see that the next bags underneath are one of the flavors I've been wanting to try these are pretty new is the bigs Pines sult and vinegar and I've been wanting to try these ever since I heard of them and unfortunately when you order them online obviously you're going to pay shipping as of the recording of this video this deal should still be going to where if you go to Biggs comm I don't know about internationally but in the US if you go to Biggs comm and you place an order for $25 or more they ship your seeds for free and in order to reach that total I believe I bought 12 bags and it was like 25 bucks and change I think was 25 88 and that was no tax free shipping in California anyway.

The Sultan dinger sunflower seeds I'm a big big fan of the salt and vinegar chips and I just I love that really vinegary acidic taste that you get from him and I have been wanting to try these ever since I heard of them somethin your seeds sounds awesome and then assume there's the next one underneath about four bags means total. This is the other one I've been really wanting to try and I can't believe they make a seed of this hold on one second. Okay, I'm back yes that is right you're not mistaken your eyes do not deceive you. This is old bay set a celery salt the Old Bay seasoning on a sunflower seed how awesome is that for those of you that have never tried Old Bay seasoning many of you probably have this in your kitchen right now as you're watching this it's amazing it's a really good seasoning it's sort of an all-purpose thing you know it says on here seafood poultry salads meats I'll put it on pizza it's awesome on french fries a little dash on the sandwich is really good you can put Old Bay on just about anything it's mostly celery salt and paprika those are the two main that's the two main flavors that you'll get from from this stuff and catch of the day when I first read this made it sound like it had like fish flavor in it but I checked and it does not they just call it that because Old Bay is.

Popular on you know seafood dishes you can kind of see the ingredients there and I am super super excited to try these because I love Old Bay and I think I'm going to love the seeds too my coworker bought a couple of these bags.

Two of these bags are for him and that is actually shipping the entire contents of the rest of the box I bought two for him and four for myself normally obviously I'm not going to buy that many sunflower seeds for myself but again because I wanted to hit that free shipping threshold I just bought a whole bunch.

These are going to last me you know quite a while I eat seeds fast but I think they're still going to ask me a good while the song vinegar I don't know if I'm going to like them because I don't know how well that flavor is going to hold up because obviously these are going to be very salty with the vinegar kind of kicking that flavor up a bit.

These might not be a good one to be snacking on you know out in the field or at the game you might want to have these at home or at least somewhere where you've got a tall beverage nearby to kind of quench your thirst with but I know I'm going to like the flavor overall and Old Bay I'm ecstatic about I know for sure I'm gonna like these because I don't see any way that they could screw up an Old Bay flavored sunflower.

You bet ah it's just.

Cool who would think that they someone would be genius enough to make an Old Bay sunflower seed and a salt and vinegar sunflower seed for those of you that like either of these flavors head to bigs calm you might be able to find these locally I assume some of you East Coasters can probably find a bag of these at the nearest liquor store gas station around these parts in Southern California there are none at least none that I've been able to find and these are brand new I think these have only been out for a few months.

These might be hard to find as well and again I've never seen them anywhere near me.

That's my latest video for you all I wish you all could be here to share these seeds with me we could all sit around a bag of them and try them out and talk about knives and whatnot but you're not.

Maybe you can buy a bag and then when you go on YouTube you can watch some videos and we can pretend we're all sitting around together eating and snacking and talking that's it six minutes not too bad for this video might be a little bit long but is shorter than a lot of my other videos.

There you go my sunflower seed order if you want to get in on these like I said $25 free shipping threshold go to Biggs comm click on their Buy Now or their store link or whatever select the flavors you want order them up and they ship them pretty quick these came ups took about five days all told from the time that I ordered to when they got here and yeah try them out there's a cat up here let's see if we can get her to come over here come here nope she's taking off oh well there you go sunflower seeds thanks for watching and some of these you're going to see reviews on for sure.

Look for those in the future talk to you soon bye.

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