Snack Review: BIGS Sunflower Seed Round-Up

Hey folks thanks for joining me in another video on this video I want to show you as you can see here some bigs sunflower seeds I've been sort of putting off the sunflower seed reviews for some time and I've had many many requests over the past several months to do one and I don't know why it just keeps getting pushed to the back of my list and I apologize for that but I did want to kind of bring you a little roundup video here go over some of these flavors which ones I like what I like about them and pretty much just give you my thoughts on them sort of share are these are kind of weird videos these snack reviews I don't know if it's really a review or if we're just kind of gabbing about you know some flower seed stuff that we like take it for whatever you want it to be it is what it is it is a sunflower seed video.

As you can see here we have four flavors of big sunflower seeds they are salt and vinegar or I should say high in salt vigor Hidden Valley Ranch Frank's Red Hot buffalo wing and sea salt and black pepper I like all of these flavors and I think they're all they all have a really good flavor to them but there are some that sort of stand out more than others I really like the black pepper and I really like the salvia now for a while I had been buying big old bay and that was a favorite flavor for a while but I will admit that the old bay flavor can become a little fatiguing a little samey over time and I don't know if it's the paprika that kind of gives it this element to it that after a while it sort of wears on your taste buds and.

The black pepper and the salt and vinegar are two flavors that really I don't find that to be the case they both have a really nice flavor a nice bit of bite to them without being overly flavored without being too aggressive in their flavor and it is a flavor that I can enjoy you know eating over and over without it sort of time to say.

I'll pour a few out some kind of see what they look like real quick now the salt and vinegar sometimes you'll you'll get a bag of these and there will be a lot of them stuck together whatever flavoring agent that they put on these seeds will sometimes they'll stick see how these two are stuck together it's kind of interesting and not all their flavor seeds do that but just something to note you know you get the nice large seeds with nice large kernels inside which is kind of a trademark of bigs kind of in the name bigs you get really big sunflower seeds really good flavor very malty and it does have a little acidic an acidic or sour sort of bite to it.

If you like salt and vinegar products you will really like these seeds even if you don't like salt and vinegar snacks definitely still check them out because I have a co-worker he's not real big on salt and vinegar potato chips but he really loves the seeds he really likes the flavor.

Definitely try them even just you know for a couple bucks dollar 70 whatever the cost wherever you're at I think they're worth trying out and just to kind of just to kind of see if you might be able to come around to him I don't think that the vinegar is overly aggressive it just sort of gives a nice little twist to the usual roasted and salted sunflower seeds.

That's a quick look at those I don't know why I'm pouring them out to show you but I just if you want to kind of lay eyes on them and see what the actual seeds of each they're gonna look like out of the bag a little bit of many of the black pepper left there there's those these look pretty much just like your standard salted they're not really distinguishable at least from the look but the pepper on these is very aggressive but not overly not overly aggressive it's got a real kick to it and it's definitely it's got a very black pepper punch to it.

If you like putting a lot of black pepper on you know on your baked potato or your corn on the cob or that kind of thing you will fall in love with these because it's it's that exact flavor that you love really good. This is another good choice these last two I kind of saved them for last because I wanted to show you something that some of you have probably already followed but not everyone here has I find the ranch to be really good but a little I don't know it's sort of wears on me after a while the flavor gets a little I don't know it's a little say me but it is good and it is accurate it tastes just like Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and the Franks red hot is spot-on if you like Frank red hot if you're one of those people that puts on everything burgers pizza chicken just anything you can think of put in your soup your ramen you will love these seats. However, even as a big fan of red hot products myself I tend to find that again the flavor is similar to the ranch it's just too much it's just it's just a real punch if you just absolutely have to have Frank's redhot flavor on every sunflower seed to the max you will love these but for me it's a little overly aggressive but I have found that if you take the buffalo wing flavor and the ranch flavor and do what comes naturally mix them both together pour them into the same bag shake them around or switch them around between the bags it's the perfect combination it really does work well you get a little bit of the smooth kind of creamy flavor of the ranch and it sort of breaks up and goes against the very powerful spicy kick of the and make no bones about it these are very spicy if you fracking these for a while they'll heat up a little bit from you'll definitely get a kick from but when you mix the two together they really accent and offset one another very well to where the flavors you don't wear out on on them as soon and I think that a you know if there were some way that Biggs could package them in the same bag I would say do it but I'm not really sure how well that would work if they sat in the bag together the flavors might become indistinguishable from one another one flavor may overpower the other but to those of you that are not opposed to doing a little experimentation on your own pick up a bag of each put them together I think that is likely these flavors you'll be very pleased with the result.

That's just a quick little overview of these I just want to show some flavors that I've been cracking lately and see maybe if you if you're interested if you like to leave a comment let me know what you think about these flavors go for it I don't have a bag of old bay in front of me otherwise I would do another little review on that talked about those real quick but I'll share that another time and I also want to get back in to do some spits brand sunflower seed flavors I'll bring in some other one and show those too but there you go a little lineup of bigs great seeds great consistency great size I don't find a lot of broken seeds in the bag there there's generally not a lot of weird stems and you know awful or random whatever little side problems that you might have with some other brands of seeds or that sometimes you run into with some of the cheaper brands these are good they're very premium seeds they taste great and I do recommend all these flavors especially the delicious and wonderful salt and vinegar there you have it thanks very much for watching and I will talk to you all soon bye.

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