So Suzy Stamps Moon Fairy Watercolor Night Sky Tutorial

Maybe when it's Justine the Twilight Stamper and today we're going to be making a watercolor wash background featuring this really cute fairy stamp set from.

Susie stamps today I'm gonna start off with some watercolor paper I cut it a little bit bigger than what I wanted the car to actually be because I'm gonna cut it down later and I fit my sentiment and the fairy on an angle I will the fairy on an angle and the sentiment directly underneath it.

I can pick them both up with my sister stamp press at the same time and stamp on both at the same time using I'm using archival black ink at this point in time I've done quite a few watercolor cards and using archival black has never been an issue as far as smudging or it bleeding or anything like that onto the paper.

I just dumped that down and firmly pressed down if you're using a textured watercolor paper it won't stamp as smoothly I'm using more of a non textured watercolor paper I'm using some ultra fine clear embossing powder from Simon Says Stamp and although not a lot of it catches on the archival ink as the archival ink it dries fairly fast it did work quite well if you do it quickly and I just heat embossed some clear ink on top of it because I wanted to add a little bit of shine to the fairy in the moon the next thing I did was lay out my different colors that I wanted to use.

So Suzy Stamps Moon Fairy Watercolor Night Sky Tutorial

I'm using black soot these are all Tim Holtz distress inks I also use faded jeans and I used dusty Concord and seedless preserves and I want to say salty ocean in the middle of them a little uncertain sorry those were off-screen there and I just spritz them with some of my with my mini mister and got them really wet and I went in with my brush and just some plain water and saturated my cardstock and I'm just using a large water brush here and these are I just picked up some new watercolor water brushes because I figured. This is becoming a little bit more than just a occasional card and I've been doing quite a few of them lately.

I wanted to pick up some decent brushes and I really am quite happy with the brushes that I picked up and it makes spreading the water really easy and working with the watercolor is a lot easier than using just plain brushes that aren't meant for watercolor eyes. All right.

You want to make sure the paper is completely saturated and that your paper shouldn't warp too too much because it's watercolor and you're also holding it down with some washi tape I grab some water and I went in with the black I really wanted this to not be very dark.

I added a lot of water to it and I just went over and I'm just doing a sweeping motion back and forth. This is something that really anybody can do to create a night sky you don't have to be anything talented or anything like that as far as of what our coloring goes and I just worked my way up into the next color.

That they blend into each other and overall the water does everything pretty much for you and as long as you pick a palette that matches what you had with each other you shouldn't have any issues.

I'm just going from lightest to darkest or darkest to lightest sorry all the way down and I really like the way that this turned out and then I just went and kind of switched back and as you can see I'm not cleaning my brush in between colors because I want to make sure that there's a little bit of the old color to create sort of a an ombre look that it's going up from light to dark or dark to light and I just went up and down the card a couple times there and left it then dry I took my mini mister and sprayed some water in my hand and then I just flicked it onto my card and you can see there how the distress ink reacts immediately with that water and I just zoomed it in here.

You can see exactly how that is and the longer you let it sit there the more it's going to give those spotted looks anyway, I really like the look of that but obviously I needed to cut down my card because it bled through the washi tape.

I went ahead and did that the next thing I did was grab some black black soot ink from Tim Holtz and it's some distress ink and because my mat was a little bit wet there it kind of made every interesting reaction with the paper when I started off the paper and worked my way in I just wanted to create a border around it because I wanted to use some black cardstock on the back and I wanted the black to tie in well with the card and the background to kind of blend into the night sky and give it a really nice dark look but kind of a fantasy look as well I decided I'm using this patterned paper it's paper crate and it was kiss-kiss it was part of the February collection from Simon system that comes in the card kits and I wanted to glue this down really well using some tombow mono ink you have to make sure that you glue watercolor or put a lot of 3d tape on it because the paper is slightly warped and if you don't do that then your cardstock might end up getting warped as well or your card base rather the next step was just putting it onto the actual card base itself I'm using black cardstock from Simon Says Stamp it's my favorite black card stock that I've ever found and I'm really happy because it's really just a true black and I find some other brands that end up being lighter or they smudge or I get finger prints on some of them it's very strange and I was really lucky that a little bit of the cardstock showed around the card and that I cut that to that length because I think that black where they made it pop.

I hope you enjoyed this card tutorial you're welcome here to subscribe to my channel and here are some links to two other cards that I created in the last little while thanks.

Much for watching.

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