Soft Pick Papillary Score - courtesy of Dr. Hyland

Checking to see if your gums bleed when we use the suffix if they do they're infected if they hurt their inflamed and you're having tenderness it's hard to get between your teeth you have to learn how to go around from the side you actually hear your tooth squeaking at the moment can you hear that squeaky means it's starting to get clean.

Even though the gums are bleeding even though there's tenderness you would continue to do this you can see the type of bleeding that you have and would you agree that you have gum disease uh-huh. Okay, would you think that you're very kissable at the moment no no and we talked about that about gum disease being something that's transferred through kissing is their tenderness when I'm doing it here junga and you see how I'm trying to do it slowly that's the technique I want you to use.

Even though it's hurting if you do it slowly and get it in feel its way in you'll be able to get through and even though it's going to bleed you're going to continue doing it. Okay, okay.

I just.

Soft Pick Papillary Score - courtesy of Dr. Hyland

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