Spelt Herb Croutons/Recipe below and things I like)

Everybody I'm back yeah this wednesday and i am going to make some croutons today and be simple easy i'm going to show you how to do it.

Let's get started. All right, what i have here is some left over I felt like some time knock this out.

I just went ahead and I cut it let me show you how it looks here looks like this if you go to krogers it's the bread is Terry grain company and it's over there by the protogen already have Fred.

I just took the remaining slices and I just cut it up just back over here I just cut it toast it and just you know make the cubes.

That's pretty much it right here now what I have shared underneath is a pizza pan and it had holes on the bottom.

When I make pizza and use that pan.

That I can toast on the bottom will be enough quit I'll quit and.

All I'm doing cool it's taking the crumbs and the crumb go here I found this pan a Pittsburgh store and I was kindly 99 cent.

I'm going to add some in a bowl and then I'm going to sprinkle some avocado oil you can use whatever you want and when you put this on you want to make sure you put it light you don't want to put it heavy. Okay, you want it trench you just want to coat it enough.

That you can add your Italian seasoning or whatever sees me and your assault ok.

I'm going to put this over there to the side and i'm going to go ahead with my cutco knife and cut the wrist of this here looks like we're going to have some croutons this one already dried and take this put it over there it's cut code nice I got oh my husband bought it for me this nice OMG they were got four of them paid like three something but I want the whole set and I don't have to ever buy any other knife again No.

For those of you who know about this yeah I want to give a shout out to mr. Valerie she see this video love you girl thank you and hope to see you again when you come back to Virginia give me a call cut Cal. All right, I won't put this there and now i'm going to mix it in the boat. Okay.

I'm just going to take sean and it's pour it in here try not to get the trunk the clumps will go down into it you now I'm going to use my my hand here and then I'm going to pour back in here.

The first thing you want to do is toast your bread whatever bread you want then cut it up and you'll cute then you take a little bit of olive oil get you one of these and use it a lot of oil don't come out and you can just drizzle you'll be in control of that you just hold it a little bit now you can take this and put this in your oven and put it 300 degrees and keep an eye on it and just you're basically toasting it even more now if you want to suck out the moisture you can put this in your dehydrator but don't let them do that this time.

I'm looking at the toes and then you want to sprinkle your salt it's like that and then take your Italian seasoning and sprinkle and the oil will attach itself to the herb if you like our V everyone is going to input it most of the time people will use butter that butter the bread but you have to do that you can do this way this to me looks better.

Fit to the side. All right, port it they're now going to take and wipe this out because I don't want it to salt on a whole new batch like that it's Kate get in there ok edger all and talk. All right, now after that add your salt you know how to add that much it's even for your taste now the time seasoning alrighty do you have it now I'm going to put this on a pan you put it at 350 or 300 you know just keep an eye on it and you want it to be krispies already Hana its moist but it's kind of like hard a little bit. All right, so. Okay, I'll bet in there like that now what I'm going to do take this and put it back in the pan and I'm going to allow the holes in the pizza pan to allow the heat to go in and cookies alrighty put it right back on your hand just like that then why put it in the oven just spread it out smell it's really good you can turn your croutons into anything graciously depending on your earth oh my goodness alright.

I'm going to go ahead and put this an oven and I'll let you see how it looks when it comes out alright it is called blood and what you want to do just let it cool off completely and then it will be kind tristie.

The ship rose I just wanted to come in and showing you my croutons how many futon is really losing again I'll just put what i did in order and just use this what you guys do is toast your bread ahead of time and your toaster which I did and then slice it and put it on pan drizzle some oil or whatever you want and then put your little bit of salt and then you put it in the oven and I'll need-based it for about five minutes. Okay, at 350 degrees and you have your croutons mmm let's try one crispy one min my salad is calling me I'll see you on the next upload you.

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