Spicy Candied Pecans

This week we're going to make candy spicy candied pecans and what's great about this recipe is you can also give it as gifts in this bowl I have an egg white to this I'm going to add a couple of teaspoons of water and a couple of teaspoons of vanilla extract now at this point you can whip it by hand if you want but I'm going to use this because i'm lazy when you see they get nice and frothy like that take about a pound of pecans and throw them in there and just mix them around make sure they get well coated in another bowl put a cup of sugar a tablespoon of cinnamon a half a teaspoon of salt and a half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and just mix this up now take your pecans pecans pecans and just toss them in there you can actually put this in a baggie and toss them around in the baggie with the sugar and the spices but why white dirty a baggie right when you can use another bowl and just toss them around until they're nicely coated now take a cookie sheet that you've sprayed with a nonstick spray and spread your nuts over the cookie sheet spray your nuts that's it and just spread them out now you're going to put them in the oven at 270 and every 15 or 20 minutes you toss them around they're gonna cook for about an hour at 270 here they are they're out of the oven putting them in a martini glass because they look so pretty you can put them out at your parties like this in like big martini glasses or margarita glasses and just feed them around the house I guarantee you they are going to be gone they're so good do you want to try one I've tried one already there so this spicy this sweet just a perfect mixture if you don't like the spice just omit it completely but I'll tell you something right now they will go fast and what you can do is buy these cellophane you know gift bags and fill them up with the little card with the recipe and you give them to people they love you they will talk about this for a long time trust me they're just that good okay you want another one he wants another one yeah they're addictive be careful when you first take them out of the oven don't eat them right away because they're really hot so wait like 20 minutes and you can make them with walnuts with almonds I've never tried it with peanuts but I you know you can't make them with walnuts almonds and pecans or you can do a mixture of all those nuts so many different ways I love it I hope you try these don't forget to thumbs up and enjoy for more dessert recipes check out my playlist and don't forget to subscribe I post a new video every Saturday you
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