Spicy Candied Pecans | Gluten-Free & Vegan Recipe

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel I hope you guys are having an awesome day today's video is another really quick and easy recipe for you guys and I'm going to be making one of my favorite snacks and toppers for salads which is candy or like a spicy candied pecan and they were so good and I was making these everyone was like humming bye and picking one up they're just snacking the one every time they were like that's really really good and everyone could have stole them and put them on their lunch when I eat these so I know that they're really delicious cuz I have a whole bunch of people as witnesses so I hope you guys enjoy this recipe make it try it and and without further ado let's get right into the recipe for this recipe you're going to need some raw on toasted pecans coconut oil vanilla extract a pinch of cayenne and some maple syrup and all of the measurements and ingredients will be listed over on my blog health net nutrition dossier now on medium heat in a nonstick pan we want to add in your coconut oil and it's gonna melt pretty quickly you just want to make sure you stir that around so it evenly cooks entire pan and you can really use any oil that you like I like coconut oil because you can heat it up at higher temperatures and it gives a really nice fragrant I'm taste to your food so be careful don't spill it like I just did on the stove there add in your pecans and you can just kind of toss them around you just want to lightly toast ups go ahead and sprinkle the cayenne pepper you then want to add in your maple syrup at this point it's gonna smoke up a little bit so you might want to turn on your kitchen fan and then you can go ahead and add in your vanilla extract do not leave the pan by itself at this point because they cook up really quickly you're essentially just kind of boiling the sugar from the maple syrup a little bit so it will harden after and then turn off the heat and pop them off the off the heat when they're done like I said only a couple minutes on there will do and then I'm gonna transfer them onto a parchment-lined baking pan and I use parchment paper because they will probably stick to the pan and it will just be a hot mess so this makes it really easy for the candied pecans to cool off and not stick to anything after about five minutes or so there should probably be all cools you can go ahead and transfer them into a little jar so you can store them honestly they don't last very long for me to store them I just want to show you guys and these are just gonna go really quickly in your household trust me I just enjoyed mine today in a salad with spinach strawberries and blueberries and it was so delicious so you can really enjoy them any way you like I hope you guys enjoy this really easy spicy candied pecan recipe if you guys try it out be sure to take me in your photos hashtag I'm health nut eat so I can easily find your photos and like them and I just love seeing on your recreations if you guys like this video please give it a big thumbs up really helps me out and it's just like you voting for more videos like this one let me comments down below tell me what you would like to see next and I will see you guys in my next video
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