Sprouted Almond Milk

The fresh on all almond milk and I really wanted to show this one to you guys because I mean it's like milk so milk is one of those things that if you eat dairy products on a regular basis you are going to create like osteoporosis and you know just whatever those deep diseases are from us eating an unnatural diet if you go into the whole thing on that but I'll stick to the just the food and then the health of the food so almonds have a ton of vitamin E in them and when you sprout this is actually sprouted almond milk and when you sprout the almonds you actually all seeds have a enzyme inhibitor on the outside of their skin so that they don't just like sprout anywhere you know like so you can go to the supermarket and fill up your bag full of almonds and they're not all sprouted our sunflower seeds and that you don't it's not all sprouted so anyways it's nature's idea to have an enzyme inhibitor on there so anyways when you soak the almonds the sunflower seeds and Brazil nuts and whatever else it is that you use you release the enzymes and so and then also the nuts and seeds they plump up with water which is also very good for your system so anyways fresh sprouted almond milk is our next one you know you can just do them dry actually almonds have there's a little difference they have actually a more vitamin e content when they're not soaked and sprouted but they are easier to digest when they are sprouted so you can do a little of both so but it takes an almond actually I'll pass out you guys can just take a little just one of one of these this is a sprouted almond it's just plump and full with water and then these were soaked from this morning so I don't know they were soaked for maybe four hours yeah it's very it's different isn't it so yeah so we're just going to make a quick almond milk and this is something that you can use in and cooking in hot drinks and over your cereal in the morning and it just it just adds that super nutrition to your daily life ok so this is two cups of sprouted almonds there ok so we have this is just like four cups of water and the sprouted almond and we'll just blend this okay so that was just four cups of almond I mean four cups of water and two cups of almonds and then I'm just going to add another couple cups of water and just blend really quickly okay and then this is the fun part this is a strainer bag so this will take out all the almond pulp so you're just left with yummy milk it's fun get your hands into it nice big bold and make it easier for you and then just pour all the milk through the bag for that do you mean the almond pulp yeah you can there are some like raw recipes that you can like dehydrated and use it as a flower for a cake or something like that it's a little gritty I most of the time put mine in the compost to get to the birds but um but look at that rich I mean it's just like it's just like milk it's not beautiful I mean it looks like milk it's got the the fat in there and I'm gonna let you guys just taste it as is just water and sprouted almonds and then um I made a version with just a little pinch of salt and a little maple syrup and that's you know what you can put on your your cereals and in your coffee and stuff like that and then I just made a little care of one so you can have three different testers um you can do it with a normal blender just blend it a little longer but you can use a normal blender the Vitamix is really awesome i really recommend it it is a little bit expensive things like three hundred dollars or something like that but it's really great especially we're doing a lot of raw things you can make Ross soups and even cooked soups and just do it super creamy a lot of vegan soups you can make super creamy and super delicious and just by blending the vegetables just by taking out some of the vegetables and blending it then you put it back in there and it's like wow and with the cashews cashews are amazing oh my god trying to find recipes to give you guys I'm gonna give you all of them like I wanna get everything sir so I mean it's like cashews they can make like a gravy you can just blend up cashews and water put a little onion powder there in there or just make a little sauteed with onions and water cashews water just blend it into a cream and then put that in there and you have a creamy gravy that you can put like used for thanksgiving and put some mushrooms in there little salts I mean you can make a gravy out of just like cashews water onions salt you know so if you can't remember that's those four things you can make a gravy out of that and then add your little touches and this is just the same thing with them with a little touch of maple syrup and a little touch of salt thank you this will helps to bring out the yes it adds the deep note so you got the high notes in the deep notes and this actually has a little a little touch one of the one of the little tricks here is um I like yeah oh sorry salt and maple syrup so that's maple syrup just just maple syrup and a little salt that's oh and actually this is doesn't have a label but Orlando Mexican vanilla organic Mexican vanilla without coumarin it's coumarin free and actually have some of these up on the table if anybody wants one I have a friend who goes especially to Mexico and I always never bring me back to the organic Mexican vanilla I guess it's all good so anyways and then are you guys ready for the this is just with a little carib carob is this is raw carob so raw carob is it's a bean all right it's a carob bean and it's like a lot of people don't like chocolate I'll bet the site since I'm chocolate yeah a lot of people there actually is a little bit of chocolate in here I have some extra chocolate shavings for the from the pie yesterday I just threw those in here too yes so so you can make like a chocolate milk you can make regular milk you can just make all these really delicious divine yummy things and then as a mom and as a person is just like oh my gosh instead of feeding my children just anything I'm feeding them nutrients and vitamins and minerals and just so much fine goodness it just throws me and excites me
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