Sprouted Almond Milk Recipe

So many of my recipes i use sprouted almond milk so i decided i show you how easy it is to actually makes proud of them so what you do is you start off by getting your arms and soaking I suck them an alkaline ionized water for at least eight hours once they're soaked you'll drain the water off and then you're going to put them in a dehydrator and dry them out and this is what i have here these almonds came out of the dehydrator and so I'm going to make some almond milk with those ones so the way I make it two cups of freshly sprouted almonds on food dehydrator some people don't dry them out first but I prefer to do that so two cups of almonds to do put in eight cups an ionized water level and I'm going to put four days and a tablespoon of vanilla Liam's okay so once it's more blended what you're going to do you'll need a jack and a nut milk bag the mixture into the nut nut bag and then you will squeeze I'm going to lift it up so you can see it so i have to now squeeze the juice out of the nut milk bag to my job this tastes so good this to me is as good as fresh cows milk I love it and every morning I make a drink turmeric and my fresh almond milk in a pot on the stove with some ginger cinnamon and a little bit of honey it's delish so I always make sure I have plenty of I'm in the fridge okay so I've run all the water out of my nut bag now with this with the leftover residual I put this into my dehydrator when I dry it out and I make my own arm and flour and I can make my almond cookies or use it for thickening so the dehydrator is going all the time between making almond milk making almond flour drying the almonds it's a lot of fun once the almond flour has gone through the dehydrator and it's totally dried out all you have to do is put it in a blender totally blend it so it becomes crumbs and then you can do your baking weather so it's a fabulous way to use all of the armor and to have absolutely zero waste fresh
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