Sprouted, Dehyrated Almonds

Good morning today I wanted to show you how to do sprouted almonds and also I dehydrate them so I just got back from the farmers market and what I'm going to do is show you last night cameraman home here yeah man um so I just took um look at me raw roasted almonds I mean I'm sorry Becca I just took raw almonds and you have to be sure that they're not blanched first so I actually got them at the farmers market during the winter so what I did is I soaked them overnight can you see that and then there you know the waters all dirty and stuff then I'm just going to take them here and all you really need to do is soak them for 10 hours so I'm gonna rinse them but I want to show you what they look like when they start sprouting they start getting these little tops to them like they're they're gonna sprout so there what this means is is that they're alive when you just eat almonds raw without sprouting them first they're really hard to digest because they have on them like an anti enzyme so they can stay stable for a long period of time will the minute you soak them they'd be so big can't once you soak them they can't go back to their dormant state anymore now there's a couple ways to do this so when you eat them right now they're sweeter and you can just dry these on the counter so they're just not wet or you can put them in a plastic container or keep them in the refrigerator and they'll last about a week but what I'm going to do my favorite way is I'm but I have this little dehydrator and I was also thinking about you guys if you didn't have a dehydrator to put them on like in the oven at a really low temperature but i think the lowest in oven will go some will go like a hundred degrees which would be perfect because i'm going to set these at 105 so maybe with the oven open you could dry these drawing them they take about 8 to 12 hours depends on the size of the almond oops so I'm going to get those all on there this one and these are so yummy and then I'll put this outside to dehydrate for like I don't you guys know a dehydrator this is Excalibur from everything I know it tends to be the best one um yeah so I'll show you what they look like after they're done and I like them all dry and crunchy that's how I like them you can put seasoning on them and dry them I just do in plane because that's how I like them but if you want a little salt on them they'll dry on there I haven't gotten to into that so like soy sauce you could put that all over this is what I don't like is it gets my my screens all dirty when I do that and if the flavor is not that exciting to me okay and you can make them hot whatever you want to do okay so i'll show you that later all right hi so i wanted to show you the almonds so I had him roasted in here and I did it all I did it I did it on Sunday I soaked them for 10 hours in water and then I put them on these dehydrator trays and I dried them at 105 degrees this is excalibur dehydrator and then I just let them cool overnight and they're nice and crunchy so what's really nice about this as I told you before then when we soak them nuts without being soaked are having an anti ends on quality they're very hard to digest because they're dormant the minute you soak them they become alive and they quadruple and nutritional content so they're very easy to digest the fat content goes look down like fifty percent and they're very usable to the body now after you soak them overnight you can just dry them off of the paper towel and put them in your refrigerator they're soft but i like them crunchy so I dehydrate them and now what I'm going to do is just take them and put them in a bag that I marked soaked dehydrated nuts and I'm just going to put them in the bag and now I can put them in my cupboard they'll last a really long time dehydrated but if you soak them and don't dehydrate them then you have to put them in the refrigerator and they last about a week and they're an excellent snack if you don't have a dehydrator I was thinking you could put them on a cookie sheet leave your oven door open and at the lowest temperature dehydrate them now I don't know if they'll keep the ant if they'll stay alive because when you dehydrate at 105 the enzymes will stay alive so they're feeding your body you can do it with I'll show you guys how to sprout too because sprouting is an excellent way for nutritional content I'll go get some sprouts today and I'll show you okay to your health
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