Sprouted legumes, living foods, garbanzo beans chick peas, Pinquito beans

Gail on this video here I'm showing you these are chickpeas or garbanzo beans that have been sprouted they've been soaked for a day and then put in a towel and this that is kept damn for about two days and then unfolded and now I'm boiling some water here and I'm going to boil these for 15 minutes and. This is a newer technique. This is not described in the Gerson Therapy because the nobody did this when it was developed but it's a very good method for releasing all kinds of wonderful properties in any beans now these are regular you can't see them but these are let's see what kind of bean is this these are pinky toe means P inq uit oh and here's a recipe that I am going to use to make these so. This is how you cook them just a simple recipe but they're incredibly healthy and I get these at the market down at the halt the people's market.

Sprouting legumes is a very important way for people to maintain health and on eventually look into the properties of this. This is kind of a little exotic corner of the practice of healthful culinary arts but if it's it's it's a good one.

This yes these become cooked you do not eat these raw but their properties change entirely when you sprout them and I wanted to show that with you.

Enjoy have a good evening and nice talking with you tonight.

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