Sprouted Wheat Bread 1

That was probably beach and spiral almonds with us about three days they rise on the third day Hosmer we got this idea from Hebrews 9 4 it says the contents of the Ark of the Covenant remember the movie trailers in Lost Ark what was inside that pilot that Hayley the Holies the box was the Ten Commandments made of sapphire stone that's another study and then you have the golden jar of manna right at the time you see Jesus says that I'm the bread of life and you refers himself to that actual dependent so you know be connected to make the connection between the manna with aliens are managed through the bread of life to Jesus Christ and what else is in there the third thing we are with the budget drive an errand what was it better than almond butter and the almond is actually a seed it's not actually enough to see I'm enough this is a seed anyway so you pretty much Patrick got the Gospel message about Jesus Christ through the Old Testament and the Ark of the Covenant with amazing so we've been making a bread out of it because the biggest killer in the world physically this heart disease everybody knows that an entire world that's a soon as States the entire world is heart disease both physically and spiritually and a 50 on a lot of things in life have a spiritual connection and connection and the bible's is pillar that just all kinds of connections with the spiritual and the physical so I'm going to add some more spot over here this is our biggest batch we've ever made you can get these jars you know it's now a brand jars you can get them at all we got ours at Whole Foods and also fruitful yield stores but I think there's even a such thing as a now store I'm not positive about that all over the internet this is a half gallon now trust me this started off with three cups the seeds in this jar three cups on its way down here look what happens when you sprout it for three days it's amazing so come on you know adding the seeds in here and this is a meat grinder and that's a pretty cool little connection to because what's a meat grinder is a flesh brightener and spiritually speaking you know we have the battle between the flesh and the spirit so we're kind of grinding grinding our our flesh the crucifying the pleasures of a lot of verse that says that that uh that work we crucify our flesh daily right so because it's always a battle and inside of our hearts so it's all about the heart battle you know we want to we want to please God you want to love God love our neighbors or we want to love ourselves no selfishness right and if you notice this does not have any yeast added later because yeast is normally naturally in the air there's enough for that there and we don't want anything to do with that so we don't add any gluten we don't add any yeast because I think there's something bad by yeast is not another the news or science yet but I think obviously there's yeast in our body and song around and that balance is necessary right but it's fun of your salt our bakers controlled yeast the role of Eastwick salt is that Monica did assault Christians are the salt of the earth second role the Ricans hold the yeast and yeast I bleed represents sin in the Bible you know it represent pride see this says a little leaven leavens the whole motor and then you go all the spiritual holidays they always said eat unleavened bread this bread without lemons bread without sin it's there's another key to the point to Jesus Christ on and now we also use a Bible verse to some songs because it fits so well psalm 51:10 and it says create and me a clean heart O Lord and renew a right spirit within me so create a clean heart because this food is the best food you could possibly for your heart almonds if you looked at any website anywhere almonds is the best possible food for your heart is out here okay and it was in the Ark of the Covenant now look at the golden jar of manna they meet there's the best we fear of blood when you gonna apply they always drop in his blood and they see if it sinks to the bottom that's taken for iron and iron this is as high content with iron and since we're grinding is wet we're actually capturing the vitamin B's and C's that you lose if you by sprout is flower in the store its evaporated so you lose all your look on the package and this says it has iron only you lose the B's and C's system still dry and wet we're getting everything all the nutrition possibly to get out of this so we're getting fit our physical and spiritual les so I learned so much about God and the Bible just feed us bread itself think crazy and if he study these seeds many almonds we study feet they're the ones that sprout in three days you look at the bar earlier so point that if you know five days or two days away wheat is three days that's how we kind of jumped on to this kid a little nutty when I studied by well I like this control this is a step deeper just see why why did Jesus use you know why that they use always long which means to be all many lives to be watchful you want you to return in Jesus Christ right back in the New Testament if they're supposed to be watching for right and now it's must be watching for it and if you look at when you go into them to the ten MeV no into the temple you have the almond lamps and you know for right and you know these crises right all those where everywhere in there so the whole the whole tent of meeting the whole Temple in Jerusalem if you study it deeper it's all about Jesus Christ everything points to Jesus Christ you know it's just amazing
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