Sprouting Almonds

Hi it's Gina again today I want to show you how to sprout Commons they don't actually sprout you just soak them what happens is when you soak them overnight in water it increases their protein content and decreases distort and they're much easier to digest I'll show you what happens I'll leave a few hours so tomorrow when we take them out we'll see what they look like so I'm going to leave a few out in another container we're going to put these in a disease a Tupperware you see the ball doesn't make a difference you have to make sure they're completely covered with water I have some water in here already I wanted to make sure they were covered and then you're going to cover them we're gonna put them in the refrigerator overnight god bless you Eli we're gonna god bless do you like we're gonna put them in the refrigerator overnight and then we'll come back tomorrow and you'll see how the door almonds overnight in the refrigerator in the Tupperware I have drained the water out in the colander and rinse them and I want to show you the difference between the nut that has been soaked and the nut that has have been soaked okay this is a little bit plumper it's definitely softer Eli you can come around and try one if you want and then I just powdered you the same way you would any other nut in the container along with a piece of fruit or vegetable or anything that you want you're gonna try it and what do you think okay there you go out of the mouths of babes alright so that's all it took for today Eli and I will be back with more fun videos soon after we've soaked our almonds overnight mine actually soaked longer because I didn't get twisty time heals all right now I'm not ready you know hi
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