Sprouting and Dehydrating Almonds

Hello and welcome to another episode of the organic adventure show I'm your host Cyrus and today we are going to be showing you how to sprout and dehydrate almonds and it's very simple if you have a dehydrator so we're gonna go ahead and get on with that just wanted to ask how did you like the first of the great health debate with dr. Joseph Mercola and dr. Gabriel Cousins I think it's pretty interesting so far and it's gonna get even better as the nights go on and we get to hear lots more people debating so be sure to go ahead and check out the link at the bottom to register and watch the rest for free while it's available and let's go ahead and get on with the sprouting and dehydrating almonds so here we are in the kitchen we're going to be sprouting almonds so this is step one you want to get your raw organic almonds which the best way to get those right now is from your local organic almond farmer because you can still buy them raw from your farmer and you don't have to measure them out but I'm doing this two full cups with this measuring cup daddy can you have a few hours of course you can and all I'm gonna do and put some water in here and I don't want to overdo the water because this is good water and I don't want to just waste it because I'm not going to save the water after these are soaked but I want to soak them in good water so I'm going to go ahead and put water in them and I'm going to let the water as they soak some of the water up and I'm going to add a little water if it's not enough because I want to have them be covered and we're going to soak them up to 24 hours you don't really have to do them with whole 24 hours I'd say half of that time is probably good enough but 24 hours is going to give you definitely plenty of time and you don't want to really go beyond that so I'm gonna just pepper these almonds leave them unrefrigerated and for up to 24 hours so now that we have soaked our almonds which has been for more than 12 hours but it hasn't been a full 24 hours we're going to go ahead and take the water off from the top of them and rinse them you can see they look like they're kind of puffy because they're all full of water and these are raw almonds and that is key when you're going to be sprouting almonds so we're going to go ahead and get rid of the water and then we're going to rinse them a couple times and I'm using regular tap water it's a cold tap water but I'm not worried about it really too much because the lot the almonds have soaked up all of the water and that they're going to soak up so I'm not really worried about the residues too much as far as having fluoride in it you can see right here we have our dehydrator and dehydrate you might have many levels just a second it might have many levels to it this one just has two levels cuz we won't need every level and this will make that it dry faster if there's not too many levels when you don't moving and so we're just going to spread these out so that there's a little bit of space and we're going to set it so that it's below a hundred and eighteen degrees because at 118 degrees and above you kill all the enzymes so what we're going to do is we're going to just put it at approximately 115 that way we're in the safe range and we'll be back to see how they taste once they're dry alright here we are again and we're going to take a look at our almonds they've been in the dehydrator for approximately 24 hours you probably don't need to leave them there that long we just work around to check on them so we're about to check on them now and see how they look so you can see there there are the almonds and I believe they are ready let's go ahead and try one mmm nice and dry crunchy that's how you want them to be and now they are going to be easier for your body to digest and have more available assimilate able nutrients so now you know how to sprout and dehydrate almonds it tastes a lot better they're a lot better for you that way I shouldn't say they taste a lot better necessarily but they taste easier to digest and I think you'll understand what I'm saying when you try them and they're nice and crunchy once they get dry like that to in a really good way so I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll be sure to get some more out for you soon so thank you for watching and may every day be an adventure in health
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