Sprouting Raw Almonds

So here is a raw almond and I have sprouted them for about a day and a half maybe two days so I kept them in my cabinet behind this paper bag and they got so big I had to put them in two container so here's one glass container stick there and then here is the other one I'm just the measuring cup and I am going to drain the almonds through this mesh right there so kind of difficult to do with one hand but I'll see what I can do normally I would just pour this down the strength but can it be that with one year I could use a colander but a colander hat doesn't have enough holes in it compared to this mesh and I'll show you the difference between a soaked or sprouted almond and that original raw almond so these got so big they stuck to the container in the bottom they ran out of stir and then they have to on fish them out with a knife yep I think so so if you notice when it sprouted the the outer skin starts to come off also you'll see there's a little white thing poking out the front there that's the sprout and that's about all the sprout you're going to see you might be able to see that better with this one down there there's a little tiny sprout and also now the almonds are gigantic so here is a raw almond from Trader Joe's from straight from the package and then here is a sprouted almond right next to it the big ones sprouted the little one is raw and not sprouted so I'm going to rinse my almonds here most willing to get good things out of the bottom and so I don't want to come out I'm going to have to get the night and hopefully pry them out here and I think this is what happens and put too many in the darn bottle I don't like plastic I'd like to use last bottles but you could use plastic if you want okay now they all came out I'll rinse that again so they're nice and with I'm going to need the rest that there for a moment so I want it else in there because I'm going to stick this in my cover the dark for it to drain once it's drained completely which I'll give it maybe 12 hours or so so right now it's morning later on today I'll probably stick them in the oven for Oh until they're dry stick them in the oven at about 200 degrees or less so they're going to stay up there draining I'll see them later
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