Squirrel Brand (3) 16 oz. Tins Spring Colors White Chocolate Candy Almonds on QVC

You brought spring into our you know end of winter just because of squirrel brand bringing something brand new that's a top find so not only is it brand new you're going to get all three tins for a price tag of 39 96 and it's also on to monthly easy payments of nineteen dollars 98 cents and of course with all food here at QVC your shipping and handling is included so first of all Jonathan what who's the squirrel brand if somebody's never heard of it well the squirrel brand has been in business since 1888 that's 18 that's a hundred and twenty-eight years and what squirrel brent has done now that we've been working with QVC for about three years now is create these one-of-a-kind things that you can't find anywhere else not even in those finest confection shops in big cities let alone those small stores around the country when you bring squirrel run home you bring home a one-of-a-kind tree and this spring Mary Beth as you noted the most one of the most beautiful things we've ever done had to lean on my wife to get inspiration for this one the beautiful Tracy said well that's too pastel why don't you do something really pretty but you peek let's make it this beautiful east or springtime everything like the flowers blooming you know that's what this is here colors pinks greens and yellows and they don't taste differently between the colors right they're gonna taste the same but you're going to get that beautiful look of all these great colors but what's inside yes and the taste obviously is where we try and separate ourselves these are white chocolate coated butter crisp whole California almonds we are premiering sort of two things we've never done before with the squirrel brand we have never had white chocolate on an almond before and I'll tell you it is decadent if you loved our dark chocolate butter toffee almonds or a gold and silver milk chocolate almonds you will love these just as much you white chocolate lovers out there we are giving you these large jewels is its small size almonds coated in our new butter crisp if you love that butter toffee yeah tried to make this candy coating a little lighter for the springtime so that when you have two three or four or any more they are one of a kind I'm go right enjoy mmm nice and crispy those are some big almond I'm they're just so good that butter crisp as you said that's inside is so good yeah show every day and it's a California almond and that's key you know California gone through some tough well California is one of the finest climates to produce almonds and we have continued to source our almonds from California and that's a challenge because of the droughts they've had but that whole California almond is delicious you probably know and love it but you see that butter Chris candy coating yeah now I call it butter crisp and it is a light crispy candy coating but you see that thick layer of candy coated we don't skimp here and how about that thick layer of white choc a lot you get me that's the thing and here's the thing you're gonna get three of these cans right I want to go back to price because this is brand-new today it's one of our top finds one of our featured items you're paying less than forty dollars for all three of these cans that's and they're actually a pound house so you're getting three pounds of the chocolate and with the almonds and with the butter butter crisp and the fact is too I was telling Jonathan I said I'm on auto delivery for some of your squirrel brand pieces because I love having these cans around sometimes I need a quick gift for someone just to say thank you for something that they've done for me and I've always had these in my pantry plus if I have company coming over I can open up a can and I can put it in a glass dish and all of a sudden now there's little munchies on the coffee table or I'll tell you what seriously sometimes my husband and I sit down for a little movie or something and I'll get make some popcorn and take out a few with these so that you have a little chocolate with your popcorn and those you know those those I hate to say you know unedible but some of those Easter treats that you get are just you know you get them in a store they're cheap they stick in your teeth it we get we've got the entire opposite we are obsessive about the eating experience but also the visual experience and look at what you have here is a beautiful pink can these beautiful colors and the process to get there for squirrel bread is time intensive it is one of a kind we start with those amazing almonds we move into that candy coating then we melt down our pure white chocolate we color it in these fun colors in three different batches obviously to get your yellow your green and your pink they all taste the same to be clear they're all those full almonds we combine them in one can together and each can is one pound of delectable but but Mary Beth I mean four or five of these it is satisfying treat look at this oh look at the size of this yeah I mean there is nothing right it's like a small egg but there's a huge almond in there wrapped in that butter crisp wrapped in white chocolate now here's the thing i want to show you this is I was telling Jonathan earlier I said you know how you're going to make up a little centerpiece for your kitchen table or your dining room table when you buy that kind of like fake green grass and it's just cheap and I would so much rather take three beautiful flameless candles put it on a tray and put these all around those flameless candles make ready gorgeous gorgeous it's great idea and then when people say oh can I eat that sure go ahead it's so great it doesn't it's not like it's gonna go bad if it sits out no it's not at all like that because these are beautifully beautifully done but if you take your little crystal dishes out of your curio cabinet that you don't get to use that often yeah and you pour some of these in here or if you're gonna give out gifts for Easter and you buy these little you know bags the little plastic bags or your organza bags and put some of these in there and wrap it with a little like a little ribbon or something let your kids take that to all the teachers that they have at school or whoever it might be I mean that's the decorating your decorating with food in this case and it doesn't love to eat decorate right but how amazing is that how many other food brands can you decorate with how beautiful this is we do seal our cans from the day they're made and we seal them for one year of freshness just to be clear so if you do get these home it for some reason one kind of sticks back behind the pantry or you want to save it for whatever Zach you a maybe have a July birthday my wife has his July birthday she wants to do a tea party this year she you know what if wouldn't that be beautiful would this be a great little delicious tea party you know you have all these specialty desserts but the squirrel brand is a one-of-a-kind dessert and you're getting three powers of it at a price tag of less than forty dollars not only that it's only at QVC you cannot go out in the stores and find this exact set because they only did this for QVC right your see for the very first time 700 people have already placed their orders and if you want to actually go we don't have auto delivery on this one I guess but they are a lot of you are buying more than one set and we go ahead and do that yeah we wanted to make a small springtime badger special editions for QVC and what we wanted to do is make this one extra special and because we can't ship chocolate in May after the time we wanted you to get this home for Easter so because we don't have that delivery you know we love for you to take on multiple sets here cuz I just want to get them home well and I'm gonna love it can bring in more I'm not sure nobody's told me so the fact is is I wouldn't want to just say to you know there's something about the way women think we love chocolate we we love our candies and in this case you feel like you're doing something good for yourself because you're eating in almonds to get your chocolate with it and a little butter crisp as well try anything and so these are so yummy but they're big it's not like eating little tiny you know chocolate covered raisins that are you know the size of this these things like I'm massive yeah look at this I would put a few in my hand I gotta tell you the classic pastel almond which you're probably familiar with we've taken that to the next level if you love that classic springtime almond hmm squirrel brad has given it the squirrel brand finish we have given it that butter crisp we've given it that thick layer of white chocolate artisan craftsmanship since get this 1888 I was going to say that's why they're still around who is in office this is before the turn of this century this is this is a hundred and twenty-eight years Wow quality brand craftsman yeah you don't find that anywhere in fact we are the oldest registered nut company America so if you're gonna trust someone for your holiday dessert or for your springtime birthday blues girlfriend is the one day we're going to go off to the phones let me remind you you're going to get all three cocks hands for $39 ninety six cents today and only today in this month are you getting it on easy pay so if you want to do the two monthly payments of 1998 do that and here's what I say if you want to get two sets so you have some for you some to give as gifts some for Easter little you know little Easter options absolutely do that but I will tell you when you not only bite into this but even if you just allow the white chocolate to melt in your mouth and get to the butter brickle in the almond and then you chew that it's so satisfying especially when they're this large we're going off to the phones Carol from Michigan hi Carol welcome to QVC how are you good morning merry band Jonathan you more I'm fine we're in during an ice storm right now oh and I'm hope I'm glad you're safe and inside in war yeah i buy the new items from Jonathan all the time my prayer group needs every first Saturday yes and it is something that I have for the prayer group every time they meet panel I can't keep them I can't keep them happy what are we safe to say these are an answer to prayer yeah heaven above exactly you know let me ask you this if you've ordered so many different ones have you ever been disappointed not one okay thank you that's great to hear because you know they do different recipes and different nuts and different you know combinations and all I've never been disappointed either I am always amazed at just how fresh the nut is and how yummy the wrapping is around it don't don't you think I I was just about to say everything is so fresh and so well it's it's just like you took it out of the candy store fresh made and I really appreciate the efforts that twirl brand has made to come to QVC because I never even heard of them before I had they came to QVC and I do family-owned come coast to coast border to border in this America and it just is something that I have not seen mm-hmm what's an American company a family it started in 1888 back in Boston area now it's moved down to Texas but it is still a small family and and you made a great point you don't find it you don't go to grocery stores you don't go to apartment stores you don't find craftsmanship like this because the big companies they don't craft the squirrel brand is a small family company great people doing great things we take pride in that and we're so happy that you've noticed that care that's wonderful well I will tell you this they'll never kick you out of that prayer group as long as you bring its program but god bless you for actually having a group like that and treating them so specially that's wonderful we need it we need that prayer today don't we absolutely that is the truth I'm big believer in that myself so I'm glad you called thank you so much and enjoy and tell all your friends a big high from Jonathan and Mary Beth ok I'll do barrel Thank You Carol God my dope bye bye sweetie bye bye this is beautiful you know I just think as again as a busy mom sometimes I think how am I going to decorate for Easter and different things are just for springtime I mean this is where you put it out now I've got people coming in March I've got people coming this weekend and um you know and it's just like okay what am I gonna put out what am I gonna do what am I going to feed them and all these things like QVC take the work out of it you don't have to worry you order it you get it you can have the shipped out right away and get it to you and the fact is it's brand-new today and it's uneasy pay and it won't be uneasy pay tomorrow or the next day or for the rest of februari so 1300 sets already gone this is we didn't bring a lot of these in I don't know if we can get more but I will tell you this i would get them right now I'd order two sets because you're gonna want to use them as gifts and you're certainly not a lot to keep some for yourself take one can put it in your bedroom and you've got one whatever
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