St. Moriz Self Tanner Review

These allergies are gonna be the death if this chair breaks whoa it has the from minute by minute I mean yes I chopped off my hair that about two months ago I decided to just cut seven inches off I've been wanting to do that for a while.

I decided to just do it but I'm going to make a complete other video talking all about my hair hair about my cut and which extensions I'm using for when I do want to have long hair but finally I'm really enjoying the short hair and I'm kind of this in-between of I don't know whether I want to keep it short or if I want to just keep letting it grow because it's actually like an inch shorter than this when I first cut it it's kind of growing out.

I don't know what I want to do it like my face looks really white well fix that later I'm talking about a self-tanner of course because I love self-tanning and it is springtime.

Breaking out the tank tops and gotta be tan but it hasn't been warm enough yet to really lay out in tan I'm not trying to get skin cancer I originally went into old Ted on to get a self-tanner and I was looking for the Saint Tropez self-tanner I love that stuff but um they were completely out or I wasn't even sell it anymore Ulta there was like no spot for it come across this stuff estate Moritz Maurice Moritz hurry Maurice I don't know how to say it across this stuff um. This is the mousse. This is in dark. This is the darkest shade they do have a medium light shade as well I think I'll look into that when I first picked it up I did the lotion because I gravitate towards lotions and I completely went through that one I loved it I was obsessed and I went to go get a refill but then I came across too roasted across the mousse and decided to give that a try um because I loved their lotion.

St. Moriz Self Tanner Review

Much I find is slightly darker and last longer double ocean.

Between the lotion and the mousse I suggest trying the mousse.

This runs for about ten to twelve dollars I want to say I'll look it up on the website but I want to say it was like 1199 or $12.99 which is amazing compared to the Saint Tropez which is forty fifty dollars with the lotion and the mousse you definitely have to use a applicator mitt I got mine up Ulta I believe these were like five dollars I'm not sure I have I really need to wash mine because that is a little gross probably should just get a new one I'm used to always a plum I used to always apply my self tanner with my hands because it usually doesn't have a color guard or it's not instant it's like a buildable tan.

It washes right off and you don't have any color on your hand with this stuff you have to use an applicator me because when I applied the lotion my hands were brown orange for a boil um it doesn't wash right off I had to like exfoliate my hands.

Much just to get that off this stuff is not a gradual buildable tan it is very much more instant it has the color guard as soon as you put it on you're already um getting tan to hate having a color guard and I've grown to like it because you can see exactly where you're applying it and really helps blend it all out evenly no streaks or anything like that and then whatever like about this stuff is that because it does have that color guard and it very much is an instant tan like as soon as you put it all over your body you are does get tan or over time but it pretty much is that color as soon as you apply it which I like because you don't have to plan accordingly the night before I'd have to apply it in order to be tan for the next day.

Say if I was going somewhere or it's gonna be wearing a dress or whatever and I needed to UM be tan I guess I won't need to be tan but I want to be tan I would have to plan around that and be like. Okay, I need to shower shave my legs in tan tonight.

That why I got tomorrow I'll be nice and ready to go with this stuff I can literally put it all over my body and be good to go is a little bit sticky.

You do need to have some drying time but not too much time because I and not too I don't I don't I don't really like baby my self I mean I usually just like dry for like five minutes and then I throw my clothes on and I'm out the door it does have that self-tanner smell we all know what that smells like it does have that my don't want to say that don't want to bring the bubble fringe. However, it doesn't leave streaks on your clothes I did find that when I went to bed I did leave some streaks on my sheet these because it was like sweating and it was hot and I probably just like sweat out of white sheets.

That doesn't really help yeah it does have some rub off I mean it's knees these allergies me Anna swear if I do that one more time the other thing is I that would drive me insane is I would feel like I'm like the perfect color and then as soon as I take a shower and come out it's just like all bond and I have just this light tan gonna be dark and bronzed and beautiful when I do get out of the shower I don't notice too much color I'm coming off and I do feel like I'm still pretty tan almost the same color this has been about two days since I've applied my DNA I don't notice much color come off I'm very much tan I don't know if you can tell in these bright lights but I am tan.

I do like the long-lasting effectiveness as well I want to say that it would last between a week and 10 days before your color is completely gone and. This is definitely not a buildable color.

I wouldn't recommend applying this every day thinking you're going to get more tan I don't notice that layering it really builds it on it kind of just flakey it's already really dark.

Girl you are tan enough price I want to say that this stuff I have been pulling towards um definitely affordable and the color is great I don't feel like I'm orange at all I can dry the corns don't look orange in person I think that's all I want to say um definitely give these a try they are sold in Ulta stores now I know that before they were only sold online and they're kind of hard to get your hands on but they are in stored.

If you're looking for an affordable self-tanner that has great color payoff and is closest to the Saint Tropez then definitely give this a try if you have any questions just comment below and I'll get back to you thank you very much for watching I had to take off all of my makeup and start over because I couldn't what do eyeliner today my room it looks like there's creatures all over the place but really is just my weakness.

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