Stefan Verra - the master of body language in action - English Version

Right at the beginning of the show we will reveal a lot of superficial knowledge about body language body language is not about interpreting individual signals like what's the big secret behind crossed arms or what do a symmetric facial expressions me it's about getting the big picture getting a wider view on people including yourself we're smelling more and one of the muscles they they exercise is the zygomaticus mayer this big muscle in the face and what the baby is doing is it bullshit packet that looks like and mom likes death and she's smiling at me but the little fingers are the old duck seems to like that I'm doing that more often your competence doesn't start with your first PowerPoint slides no your competence starts when you're first seen and if you got used to stand like this or stand like this then you got the same problem if a man is always standing like this a person who is really who wants to go through the wall how does he or she go he will go like this do you know the line do you see the line of my body it's really straight up y'all got trap because there is no ideal way of standing there is no best way of standing it depends on the situation body language has the biggest impact on communication via the visual sense organs the eyes we take in the largest amount of information into our brain in fact by far more than wire all the other sense organs put together in numbers about 90% of all the information we receive in our brain is visual information and visual information is body language ok which is always constantly with that you know that's what you're doing now it's you checking me you're checking me from top to toe well that's not such a long way with me but anyway, yeah control is really important breath control is important how much how often did we shake our hands now three and four times yeah something like that control is.

Important for him every time we shook our hands he was controlling my pass rate you know that from your customers if something doesn't work out some of them attract you know look at your belly and for those of you who can look beyond that point look look at your hips the hips are the most revealing point in body language because it must have turning point when we went from four feet stand to two feet stand most of the big decisions we make throughout life are based on visual signals and that's why Machiavelli said before you are good you have to appear good.

Before you are competent you have to appear competent and before you are like a bird you have to appear likable you can keep your individual body language because that's what makes up your personality. However, with small signals and tiny changes you will have a tremendous impact on your body language and on your appearance and I will show you the most important ones first principle in body language is territory if you're doing a bird shop and you start your workshop and flipping up your laptop and starting with your presentation it's standing here good morning I'm happy to be with you you know what I mean hhhh change it and stop. Okay, now look at your hands look at your hands the guy or the girl whose hand is on top wants to say to the audubon I'm the boss of you tonight Fabian doesn't dare to claim foreground here he doesn't dare to use some space and if someone doesn't use space we don't think he's come that enough he is the alpha animal before you go you're always checking your ground did you know that you're always going yeah he's making himself.

Much bigger no need for that words can never hide with body language reveals and that's why nonverbal communication is crucial I'm not here to point out the thing I team I'm here to show you the fundamental principles of body language with a twinkle in the eye.

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