Got an MS 361 here that I'm working on here's the coil apparently there's a rev limiter into these coils.

It's a fairly new saw from last year and that I rabbit just won't go it just won't even rev beyond like five thousand lights rpms.

I've checked everything else on this cell absolutely everything and a few friends of mine excuse me more mechanics as well figure it's the rev limiter in the coil here.

What I'll do is I'll put the coil back here start it up and show you guys just what it's doing and then I'll replace replace that coil with the brand new one.


I've got the coil in and between the magnet and the coil you want about the thickness of plain card you don't want it too far from the magnets and you don't want them touching the magnets.

Just enough for it to go through like that.

What I'm using here is a torque wrench number 27 for those screws just.

You know.

I'm just going to finish up on the recoil. Okay.

I've got it ready to go try out.

The coil does provide spark but as I mentioned earlier the rev limiter in the coil prevents it from revving where it should even when it's under load it does the same thing.

I'm going to take it outside right now and I'll let it warm up then I'll show you what it's doing ah ah.

What I'll do is I'll replace the coil I'll make another video to show you to do here's a brand new coil I've just put it in I put the space between the magnet and the coil approximately like a plain card.

You might be able to see a bit there and the Torx wrench number is number 27.

I'm just going to slap her back together and we'll try it out and we'll see if the rev limiter was a problem. All right, we're ready to start it up we'll see if that new coil fix the problem I'll just give it a pull there and show you oh she runs I can get both he nodded don't winding down let the bitumen anyway.

You can see that a coil can be defective it can work at low speeds but not at high speed.

The rev limiter in this coil had gone defective it was very confusing it almost seemed like there was a bad bearing or bad crankshaft or something like that but I took a chance put the new coil for 90 bucks Canadian and this saw is like new again.

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